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The first five steps on the road to college

What's the key to getting your kids into college? Start early and stick to a plan.

By GreatSchools Staff

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1. Make your home a learning lab

Study after study shows that kids who come from homes where learning is a way of life have a much better chance of succeeding in school, all the way through college. And you, as a parent, are responsible for establishing that environment from the very beginning. Read to your kids when they’re young, and keep books and learning materials around the house. Give them a creative space and work with them; play with them during those crucial early years and as they grow older. The F.U.N. (that’s Families United on the Net) Place has a nice stage-by-stage checklist that can help you get started. Educator Judy Harris Helm has written a terrific set of books, starting with Teaching Your Child to Love Learning, that offers great advice as well.

Comments from readers

"IMy Son is gonig to be 17 March 14, and he is seeking one year in a particular High school in Denver Co , He speaks good English 70% and acomodation in the campus, he is a good socccer player and a very friendly spanish boy "
"I would also include these books: Get totally Real! and the Parent Companion for kids 8-9th grade. They help teens focus on learning about themselves and then begin to plan their futures lives. The parent version open eyes to current 21st century things that need to be taken into account. AWESOME tool to help with the process. "