Road to College

College prep begins... now!

Ask parents who know, and they'll tell you the time to start discussing — and visiting — colleges is before high school even starts. Read one mom's time line for the lowdown on what to do and when. More »


Prep for College

Get ready for college reading

Is your child ready for college-level reading? Don't wait until freshman year to find out!

Prep for College

All about AP courses and exams

The AP program gives high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses.

Alternatives to College

Should your teen skip college?

Even if your child wants to delay or skip college, he still needs an education. Here’s how you can help.


Make the most of college tours

Research and careful planning will help you and your child get the most out of your campus visits.


Rejected? Accepted?

How to handle college admissions decisions: the good, the bad, and the devastating.

Paying for College

Idiot’s guide to paying for college

A book that offers parents a practical path to the unthinkable: a paid college education for their children.

Paying for College

529 plans: a closer look

Do your homework to avoid expensive mistakes.

Paying for College

Financial aid for students with LD

Financial aid resources for kids with LD

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More College Resources

  • Provides resources to promote college readiness and success, including SAT and AP test information and practice options.

  • Provides college information "by students, for students" including student reviews and scholarship information.

  • Connects students to 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide, using a unique matching system.

  • Offers extensive college search options, and college rankings based on over 30,000 student reviews.