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We are going to be moving to Colorado Springs soon. Our son is currently on an IEP for his ADD/ADHD/Beahavioral disorder.


Fishn4god July 20, 2012

We are going to be moving to Colorado Springs soon. Our son is currently on an IEP for his ADD/ADHD/Beahavioral disorder.Are there any Schools for children with existing IEPs for ADD/ADHD behavioral disorders?

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wolfranch2008 July 25, 2012

Our experience has been with District 20, and overall is one of the better districts in Colorado Springs for kids with IEPs. D11 is also progressive in that area, too. Our son has one and have had mixed results, depending on the school. The good thing about Colorado is that you can 'choice' your child into the most appropriate school usually-not necessarily limited to your 'neighborhood' / assigned school...However, there are a limited number of schools that have a SSN (significant special needs) program, so that narrows the choices as well/may not end up at your neighborhood school anyway. Feel free to contact me if you'd like the crash course-lol-& we're also a military family, if that's relevant to you. momofluke2003 at yahoo. Take care!


gncelamb August 10, 2012

We are also new in the area and looking of a good school for our daughter who has very high functioning Aspergers. I am having a hard time with many schools telling me they do not "choice out of boundary", etc. I have obtained a spot for her at a charter school but their services for special education are limited. NOT Sure what to do. Have you landed on anything promising??


Rosiezobud October 29, 2012

We are hoping to move to Colorado Springs by the end of the year we hope and my son is on a existing IEP. We are looking at the Fountain area I believe. What have you found to be good schools that work with IEP kids in Colorado Springs?


irbunny January 14, 2013

Hi ladies!

We will be moving next fall to the area. We have two kids with IEPs. One being a high functioning Aspergers daughter. Any insight on the best schools for services and working with parents? Thanks!


notjustanymom February 8, 2013

Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning (aka AcademyACL). They specialize in gifted education (but being gifted is not required) and also work with many students who are twice exceptional (highly gifted/advanced, but also have ADHD, aspergers, or something like that). AcademyACL's program is unlike anything you will find anywhere.They truly go above & beyond to give each & every student what he/she needs. I recommend AcademyACL to everyone, especially students' like all of you are describing. :)

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