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GreatSchools Rating

We have not assigned a GreatSchools rating to this school, due to incomplete or unavailable data.

The GreatSchools rating is a simple tool for parents to compare schools based on test scores, student academic growth, and college readiness. It compares schools across the state, where the highest rated schools in the state are designated as “Above Average” and the lowest “Below Average.” It is designed to be a starting point to help parents make baseline comparisons. We always advise parents to visit the school and consider other information on school performance and programs, as well as consider their child's and family's needs as part of the school selection process.

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Rating Breakdown
Student Progress Rating5
The student progress rating measures whether students at this school are making academic progress over time based on student growth data provided by the Department of Education. Specifically, this rating looks at how much progress individual students have made on state assessments during the past year or more, how this performance aligns with expected progress based on a student growth model established by the state Department of Education, and how this school’s growth data compares to other schools in the state. This rating is based on 2012-13 and 2013-14 Median Growth Percentiles in Math and English Language Arts from the state of Colorado.
College readiness rating5
The college readiness rating combines this high school's graduation rates with data about college entrance exams, both of which are indicators of how well schools are preparing students for success in college and beyond. This rating is based on composite ACT scores and four-year adjusted graduation rates from 2014-15.
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High School

Colorado School Grade

Colorado School Grades includes student academic growth in its rating of overall school performance. Colorado School Grades worked with the Center for Education Policy Analysis at the University of Colorado at Denver and R-Squared Research, LLC to calculate the grades using statewide test score data as well as the exact same variables and weights as the Colorado Department of Education's School Performance Framework.

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Rating Breakdown
High School - Colorado School Rank182.0
High School - Colorado Overall Achievement GradeD
High School - Colorado Math Achievement GradeC-
High School - Colorado Overall Growth GradeC
High School - Colorado Math Growth GradeC
High School - Colorado ELL Growth GradeB
High School - Colorado ELA Achievement GradeC-
High School - Colorado ELA Growth GradeC-

Student Group Comparison

How does this school serve different groups of students?

Red = Bottom 30% of schools in the state, Orange = Middle 40% of schools in the state, Green = Top 30% of schools in the state
= State Avg.
All students
359 students
78% of population
13% of population
African American
5% of population
1% of population
Native American or Native Alaskan
<1% of population
<1% of population
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
0% of population
All students
359 students
Economically disadvantaged
89% of population
Students with disabilities
English language learners
All students
359 students
50% of population
49% of population

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Test scores

The bar charts below tell what percentage of students are performing at or above grade-level.

Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS)

Showing results for all students

Algebra I


About the test

The Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) are the state's common measurement of students' progress at the end of the school year in English language arts, math, science and social studies. CMAS encompasses the Colorado-developed science and social studies assessments as well as the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)-developed, English language arts (ELA) and mathematics assessments. The science and social studies assessments were first administered in spring 2014 in grades 4, 5, 7, and 8. The English language arts and mathematics assessments were administered for the first time in spring 2015.

Source: Colorado Department of Education

College readiness

The path to college

This school

Source: See notes

AP courses and testing

Source: See notes

College entrance testing

Average ACT score (1-36 scale)
This school's average
State average
Source: See notes


Source: See notes

Where graduates go after high school

  This school
Students attending any higher learning institution 38%
Graduates who need remediation, or help strengthening basic skills 45%
College-going students who enroll for a second year 50%
Source: See notes


The path to college CO Dept of Education, 2014-2015
AP courses and testing Civil Rights Data Collection, 2011-2012
College entrance testing CO Dept of Education, 2014-2015
The ACT Translation missing: en.Co Dept of Education, 2012-2013
Where graduates go after high school CO Dept of Education, 2013-2014
  CO Dept of Education, 2012-2013