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Relocating to Denver Metro Area with first graders....


vermontmoms September 23, 2010

We are relocating back to the Denver metro area in 40-60 days. We have twin boys in first grade and would like to find a great school district and elementary school for them. (yes, I have used the research tool but I want individual input also).

The areas that we are currently looking into are in the Jeff Co and Littleton school districts (Littleton/KenCaryl area or SW C-470 area). We have also heard that Arvada west is also a nice area for families and schools. The other is the Cherry Creek district but this is more $$ and less house then we prefer. That said, we are strongly looking into the Challenge School in CC.

Do you have any suggestions for elementary schools in the areas I mentioned. Are there any other districts that we should consider or are there any that we should definitely avoid. Our boys are in the GT program in at their current school so we would like a school that offers advanced/GT programs. They are also very active in year-round sports and we would like to be close to rec opportunities for them (swimming, tennis, taekwondo, etc.)

Thanks for your help!!!

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kcattran November 8, 2010

I hope I am not too late in posting a response for you.

I don't know if you have visited, but they just did a story on the best elementary schools in Denver - both public and private.

I have a daughter who is just in preschool, but have just begun my elementary school research. We currently live in Highlands Ranch and love it for the family element that it provides. Highlands Ranch also currently have 2 Charter schools with one going up in 2011. These charter schools are great as they offer core knowledge curriculum, plus of the charter schools will be focused on Math, Science and Engineering.

I am a realtor, so I know a lot about the areas you mentioned. Ken Caryl has Bradford Elementary which is consistently rated the best elementary school in Colorado.

I am from New England originally and got married in Bradford VT. If you have other questions about some specific schools let me know. I am a realtor, so I have specific knowledge about the market in each area as well as the school system.

Have a great day.



tygrissrx August 12, 2011

How do we find good School Districts in the Denver area? We have heard of Westminster, Castle Rock and Cherry Creek, but not familiar with the area. We have an almost 1st grader and a 2 year old...any advice on areas with good school districts would be great. We'll be working at the VA Hospital in Denver so would be commuting from there!
Thanks, California Mom


Magdaski August 13, 2011

Hi I just read your post from a year ago regarding schools in Denver Metro Area. Now year later I am in a similar situation - we will be relocating to Denver in Spring of 2012 . After spending a year in Denver do you have any good suggestions on elementary schools in Denver. My son is going to start Kindergarten this Fall in Long Beach, CA but next year we will be relocation to Denver. Any suggestions and feedback would be appreciated - thanks for your help !


vermontmoms August 13, 2011

Magdaski and tygrissrx -

We interviewed 12 schools/principals and our top were Homestead Elementary, Willow Creek Elementary, Dry Creek Elementary, and Bradford Elementary. The first three are in the cherry creek school district which has an excellent reputation and is one of the best (could be the best) in Colorado but definitely the best in Denver metro area. If you are planning on being in Colorado indefinitely, personally I would only look at cherry creek schools so you feed into excellent middle and high schools.

Now for our top three...Willow Creek and Homestead were our top 2 choices. They are very similar schools and are relatively in the same area. Dry Creek Elementary was our third choice and is also an excellent school! It offers some awesome programs for a public school. It is ranked very high, has a GT program that starts in K or 1st grade, offers spanish as a special (along with PE, music and art). All these and a wonderful staff and beautiful interior made this school one of our tops. Our only concern was the open classroom setup (all the classes of that grade, approx 3-4 classes, are in the same room). This is a very unique setup and is managed very well and kids seem to do very well eventhough the noise levels and distractions are slightly higher than a traditional classroom.

The last school Bradford is also one of the top performing Elementary schools in Colorado and has a great neighborhood. However, it is farther out and would make for longer commutes if you or your significant other will be working in the city of Denver. The other downside is we were not impressed with the choices for schools for 7th grade and up so we didn't choose Bradford but it was a hard choice because we did like the school and the area very much (in Ken Karyl Ranch in the foothills near Red Rocks).

Well, out of all of our research those were our top choices for the Denver metro area. These four schools were very close academically, had awesome location/neighborhoods/recreation facilities and were the nicest all around. So far we are very happy with our selection but feel that any of these four would be an excellent choice for elementary school.

Hope this helps!

Ps. When you move I would try to find a house in the area of your school of choice because eventhough Colorado has open enrollment most schools were not offering this option because of budget cuts.

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