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Possible Work Relocation - Kindergarten Cutoff


jbilgihan November 12, 2010

Here is the issue. CA has a Dec 1 cutoff and my daughter is on track to go to K in fall 2011. If I take this relocation to the Denver area it appears that she will have to wait another year due to the 9/15 cutoff. She was born 10/15/2006.

Are there any private kindergartens with a more lenient cutoff that could accommodate this discrepancy. We do not want to do another DK or PK year.

Thank you,


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michaelmalak January 20, 2011

Denver Public Schools will usually admit a year ahead with a letter from a previous school attesting to successful completion of the prior school year. E.g. with a letter from your daughter's previous school saying she completed PK, then DPS would normally allow her to enter K.

Before the private school that I founded with my wife, Bergamo Academy, had an elementary program, DPS allowed our daughter into first grade even though her birthday is the end of December.

Michael Malak
Business Administrator
Bergamo Academy
(303) 825-1333


jbilgihan April 29, 2011

Mr. Malak,

Would it be possible to enroll my Daughter in your K equivalent for fall 2011? We will know in the next week if the move is going to happen and schooling is a big part of the equation.

Thank you,

James Bilgihan

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