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great preschools in aurora/cherry creek CO


kristiekoegler June 8, 2008

Looking for a preschool in aurora/cherry creek Colorado for my 4 year old. Anyone have any suggestions or advice?

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lovelychild December 29, 2012

DO NOT go to Goddard, especially the one in Centennial off of Arapahoe and Lima. Huge turnover which is so hard on the kids, owners are fake and only care about their online education program and don't care about the kids. My child had terrible allergies and they didn't abide by the guidelines in my child's classroom. My child would get hooked to a teacher and then she would leave, you never know who will be there when you drop your child off, the owners and directors are fake and pretend to listen but do not make changes. I have yet to find a Goddard that is good, no regulations to follow. Religious schools have worked best for our family because kids come first, not money.


ColinMoriarty January 29, 2012

Regarding the Goddard Center in Centennial: I did not notice alot of staff turnover while our toddler went to school there. I did notice very hard-working and attentive staff. I had some problems working with Goddard downtown, near the University campus, but I have nothing bad to say about the Centennial franchise. Good folks, good education. I'd reccomend them.


SSWINDLER November 28, 2010

CHERRY CREEK PRESBYTERIAN PLAYSCHOOL AND PRESCHOOL right off Belleview between Dayton (Cherry Creek High School) and Cherry Creek State Park. Playschool is ages 20 months to 3yrs. Preschool 3-4 yrs, Prekindergarten 4-5 yrs. Junior Kindergarten 5-6 yrs old, different days and times for classes, GREAT TEACHERS that have been with the program for years, no aides- only teachers, women who love what they do and have happy creative learning going on in every way!
303 771 1364/303 779 9909


wolfamine February 7, 2010

I would caution you about the Goddard School at 23905 East Arapahoe Road (not the one mentioned above). They have problems retaining staff...different workers there all the time. This is VERY upsetting for the kids, since they just start to get used to a teacher and boom...they are gone.


goddardco August 19, 2009

Yes...check out The Goddard School located off of Arapahoe and Lima.

Here's a link to our virtual tour...


Ladybug2009 August 19, 2009

gabbagee - my daughter is starting this fall with cherry creek schools preschool program.

can you tell me more about your experience there. can i email you?

thank you!


goddardco April 23, 2009

The Goddard School Located in Centennial(off of Lima and Arapahoe) is a great choice.

My wife and I are the owners of the school and she runs the school. We offer both full-time and part-time options for 6-month to 6 year olds. We are offering a kindergarten program starting in the fall. The Goddard educational philosophy is based on a play based approach that is individualized for each child so he/she can develop a llifetime love of learning.

Here is some of the feedback our parents have shared with us.

"The Goddard School® has made a huge impact on Tyler's life and ours. He enjoys going so much and you have a WONDERFUL staff. Everyone is so kind and caring and that makes such a difference in kids lives! Thank you."
~ Tina A.

"We enrolled our daughter when the Centennial Goddard School opened. She loves the school, the other children, and all the teachers. When we pull into the parking lot, she asks "Can I take my seatbelt off yet?" She lights up as she talks about her day. Thank you, Goddard, for allowing us to be a part of your school!"
~ The Black Family

Check out our website here for more information and feel free to call us to come tour the school.

We'd love to have you join "The Goddard Family".

Scott and Abby Hussey
303 738 5922


gabbagee January 19, 2009

My son attends preschool with the tuition-based Cherry Creek Early Childhood Program. I think it's an excellent program. To find out more information, see:
Registration is starting soon for kids already enrolled in preschool. If you're still interested in preschool for this year (2008-09), you may be able to get on the waiting list for a school - I don't know. If you need to register your child for Kindergarten in CCSD next year, that is coming up soon too - I think it starts Feb 2.

I'd recommend visiting the local Cherry Creek elementary schools in your area that are part of the preschool program, while they are in session. You can find the list of schools on the ccsd website (listed above).


kristiekoegler October 15, 2008

I found a great one. It's in aurora but cherry creek school district. It's actually based out of a Lutheran church so there is some religion involved. The name is Holy Love preschool. The teachers and staff are wonderful. I know they still have a few openings in the afternoon. There number is 303 693-8519. Let me know if you need any more info.


cblay8172 October 15, 2008

I am trying to find a pre school fro my 3 year too! Please let me know if you find something in the Cherry Creek area.

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