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Gifted Elementary programs in Denver???


sjst1000 July 4, 2008

Hi everyone!
Does anyone have opinions on gifted schools in the Denver area? My son tested GT back in kindergarten, and is starting 5th grade this fall. We've had him in a charter school program that seems okay, but he's having more and more problems in the area of social interaction, and I've been wondering if he should be placed into a gifted program where the kids are more similar. Last week, we had more indepth testing done (IQ, etc.). I think we're ready to look into going with a gifted program, so thought I'd ask if anyone's had experiences, good or bad, with any in Denver. We are looking at the Ricks Center, the Rocky Mtn. School for the Gifted in Boulder, etc. None are close to where we live!!!
Thanks in advance.

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healthy11 July 5, 2008

I'm not from Denver, but I'm wondering if you were to call up Linda Silverman's "Gifted Development Center" in CO, whether they could give you any feedback on the schools? You might also want to join Greatschool's Gifted Group at


Joshio October 27, 2008

My daughter goes to Polaris at Ebert. It is a great school in DPS. It is the district's magnet for HGT kids and we love it. We moved from Cherry Creek into Denver last year and the programs for GT kids at both Polaris and Morey have been phenomenal.


Angela2002 December 11, 2008

Hello, I was wondering if you decided on what to do regarding your son's GT needs? My son is only in the first grade and his academics are above and beyond his grade level however, just like your son, he is having problems with social interaction. He gets into trouble during free time but when the class is focusing on academics, he is just fine. I don't know if that is the same way with your son. There is a school by the name of KIPP Sunshine Peek Academy and I hear that they have an excellent top notch program that challenges students. They only serve grades 5-8 and they are located at 375 S. Tejon Street, Denver, CO 80223. There website is From what I hear, they have homework every single day of the week and they are in school for longer hours than other DPS schools. Also, every year, they go visit colleges across the nation! I think it's worth checking into and I definetely will once my son is closer to the grades they serve. Goodluck!


jkware April 26, 2009

My daughter attends a magnet GT program at "Hulstrom Options School" up in Adams 12 district- she has learned alot!

I am interested/curious if anyone is aware of ANY schools that are both bilingual and Christian?


denvermomof3 July 7, 2009

Kipp Sunshine Peak is for a very specific group of low income children. (Just FYI)
Polaris is a great option. Cory and Carson also have gifted programs within their schools. Morey Midle school currently has the gifted program for that level.

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