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How do public and private schools compare in Lakewood?


kkornas August 14, 2008

How do public and private schools compare in Lakewood?

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Cinnylu July 21, 2009

I initially was looking at private schools for my son. However, finances being what they were at the time, I opted to Choice Enroll him into a public school. There are some very good public schools in Lakewood. There are some pretty bad ones also. I suggest you go to the Jefferson County Schools website and look up each school's accountability report. You can also link to each school's website and look at their programs, etc. You can also visit the schools. In Jefferson County they give you an option to Choice Enroll you child in another Jefferson County school. I believe it is a random selection process so you may not get into a school that you want (we "applied" to several schools and ended up getting into the one we wanted). The Jeffco schools website has info about choice enrollment also.

In the end, we have been fairly happy with the public school system in Lakewood. Some bumps, but no desire to switch to private.

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