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Moving to Denver Area


tegscorradino September 2, 2012

We are moving to the Denver area in the next year. We will have a 6th grader, 8th grader and 9th grader. The 6th grader (girl) LOVES art, 8th grader (boy) is Dyslexic, and 9th grade (boy) is good in school and loves soccer. We would LOVE to be within striking distance of schools that meet the needs of all the kids, and ideally they are all in the same program. Any ideas?

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tegscorradino September 2, 2012

One more thing, the 8th grader boy loves soccer as well. That's about it. :-)


loganberrys September 18, 2012

We currently have a 4th and 8th grader that have been at the Denver Waldorf school in the Congress Park neighborhood. It is a private school that is K-12 and has been great for our artistic kids. Our 8th grader is currently looking at East High School which is in South City Park (near Congress Park). It's a great neighborhood school with all kinds of opportunities. I'm not sure how they would handle dyslexia, but know kids that have done well at the Waldorf school. Hope that helps and good luck with your move! We have moved across the country a few times and Denver is a great place to live.


dijitalness November 23, 2012

East High School has a great AP program with good sports programs and a good soccer team. For High School, DSA (Denver School of the Arts) is an excellent school (sort of like Julliard) that requires admission which involves an audition/portfolio submission. McAuliffe is a new middle school in Stapleton that has gotten great reviews so far. DSST (Denver School of Science & Tech) is a middle school/high school in Stapleton worth checking out, too.

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