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Public charter
Highlands Ranch, CO
Students enrolled: 1,350

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6161 Business Center Dr.
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

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April 01, 2015
SVA is beyond what we expected from a school! It starts from the moment you walk into the school (always happy, knowledgeable front desk staff) to when the kiddos talk about their exciting day and all the things they learned (Core Knowledge curriculum is great)! The administrative team is always visible and can be reached via email and/or phone. Administration is always happy to reply quickly. The SVA teachers are at the school only because SVA has high standards and would not hire anyone that could not do the amazing job that these teachers do, each day!!! SVA feels like home!

- submitted by a parent
March 25, 2015
With kindergarten class sizes at 25 and first grade and on at 26, the kids are missing individual attention in a fast-paced, challenging environment. The school boasts volunteer opportunities, but parents are limited to 5 hours or less in the classroom. If a child is struggling, who is there to assist when the teacher is unavailable? Carline is 1 hour plus to pickup due to the amount of families. It seems the school has been more focused on growing than taking care of their kids.

- submitted by a parent
January 29, 2015
Great school w/caring staff - have been very happy in our overall experience with this school.

- submitted by a parent
August 11, 2014
Can't wait to see the 2014 TCAP scores, gonna check them later this week on the CDE website, and compare them to nearby middle schools.

- submitted by a parent
May 02, 2014
SVA is excellent. My son has gone for 4 years from second grade to fifth grade. He has learned so much. They just did a interactive civil war battle. My son has learn more history and literature in elementary than I learned in high school. There is good communication and with requirement of volunteering from each family makes this the best school environment. We will continue to go to middle school

- submitted by a parent
April 24, 2014
We LOVE SVA! We just attended our preschool and first grader's Spanish festival, and can't say enough about how wonderful it is that they both get Spanish classes daily. The core knowledge curriculum is also a fantastic sequence for our kids. The school environment is warm and inviting, yet structured and regimented. Wearing uniforms, and adhering to the schools core virtues are just the icing on the cake. If you can get in, I highly recommend choosing this amazing school for your child.

- submitted by a parent
November 23, 2013
I'm curious if the parent who wrote about not feeling heard by the SVA board has ever contacted them via email or read a public statement at a board meeting? I've done both, and have received a personal response each time. The format to "not respond" means that they will not be responding during that particular meeting, not that they are unwilling to respond at all. This is very common for charter or school district boards to not engage in dialogue during a public meeting. I have found them open to constructive and solution-oriented criticism. They have sought out further information on issues when needed and made decisions based on their findings, always with overall good of the school and the students as a whole. From what I can tell from the email updates from the school, the concerned parent(s) did not come to the board, the administration or the teachers to discuss their concerns. In fact, I specifically asked this question to a board member who said that the school had not been contacted by a parent expressing their disagreement with the OCC program. Until these concerned folks actually speak up and are actually ignored, I don t feel this is a valid complaint.

- submitted by a parent
November 07, 2013
Overall my experience at SVA has been great! I truly think my kids are learning to the best of their ability. They are challenged but not overwhelmed. They get ability-grouping, Spanish unlike most other schools, and every Special. To address some concerns by others, yes, many of the office staff are parents but I see no conflict of interest there. And you must be living under a rock if you complain of no communication. The school sends out twice weekly news letters, posts on a marquee and I get direct e-mails from teachers as necessary. Volunteer opportunities are e-mailed out by teachers regularly and are sometimes found in the newsletters as well as what you select in the volunteer link as suggested by another so not sure who this "in crowd" referred to is? It makes me think this other person has never been to a neighborhood school (or talked with anybody who is in one) because SVA's asking for money and supplies is so much less!!!! Fundraising is about the same as others. I can see testing may seem heavy but my kids have definitely been learning (neighborhood schools have same gripe) and they cannot teach to the test since they have to abide by the Core Knowledge Curriculum!

- submitted by a parent
October 28, 2013
I find this school to be way better than any of the other charter school. The school is aiming at an overall development of the students, with way more importance given to moral and character development. My daughter loves the art, music and Spanish classes. Unlike the other charter schools, the kiddos don't go paranoid doing only math and reading. If you are planning to send your kids to a charter school, send them to SVA.

- submitted by a parent
October 15, 2013
I am writing to share my opinion of the post on nepotism. While it is true that some of the office staff are parents of current students, this makes SVA an even better place to be. Families have a vested interest in the school. Who cares if the front office person is a parent? If they are doing their job it doesn't matter if they have a child in the school or not. The blanket statement about no communication from the teachers simply not true. I have been at the school since it opened and have always received plenty of communication, both proactive and in response to my questions. The school itself does a wonderful job of communicating twice a week and via their new marquee. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities if parents click their preferred areas in PTO Manager as they are asked to do. If there is a need in your requested area you will get an email asking for help. Re: giving back to the school - if schools received enough money from taxes and other revenue we wouldn't have to fundraise. I don't know one school that doesn't need to do this. Finally, look at state testing requirements - much of this is mandated by the state without any feedback from districts.

- submitted by a parent
October 14, 2013
A lot of nepotism here. All the office staff are parents of children at the school. Teachers make friends with some parents and essentially take care of their "friends." My child seems to be learning, but I am not sure this place is any better than a neighborhood school. There is no real communication from the teachers. There has been a change in leadership within the school, but they still appear very disorganized and lack the atmosphere of a warm, welcoming elementary environment. Parents are supposed to volunteer 40 hours, but there does not seem to be any opportunities unless you are part of the in crowd. Lastly, they always seem to ask for money. They just had a fun run, but now want to to eat out and have the restaurant donate money back. The head of the school outlined a huge list of ways to give them more money this year. She also outlined the test schedule, which in my opinion is the reason kids are not really learning. They are just like the rest of the US; teaching to a test...

- submitted by a community member
September 23, 2013
SkyView Academy is a wonderful place. Our family has attended for 4 years now and it just keeps getting better. The ability grouping has always been one of my favorite parts of the school - so beneficial to teachers and students. Now that the HS is in full swing it is exciting to be a part of CHSSA . Big school opportunities with a small school atmosphere. For our family it is the best of both worlds.

- submitted by a parent
September 19, 2013
This is one of the best schools ever! My child goes to kindergarten and I am so far very impressed by the school's curriculum. The teachers are all so amazing!

- submitted by a parent
September 13, 2013
SkyView Academy continues to deliver a comprehensive education to our children year after year. The teachers are focused on educating the whole child which includes their academics as well as their character. We are so thankful that we found this school and we are continually recommending that other families get on the wait list.

- submitted by a parent
September 12, 2013
We are in our second year at SVA and couldn't be happier. Thankfully, our experience has been drastically different from the last reviewer. Our daughter in in Kinder and LOVES it. She is being nurtured, inspired, and educated. The new knowledge she acquires on a daily basis is astounding. We have had an equally great experience with the preschool program. SVA is strict-but in a way that helps foster learning and accountability. Parents are required to volunteer, thus allowing me to be in my child's class every week. It's great to actually be a part of the school and a part of your child's daily education in the school environment. I highly recommend SVA as do my kids.

- submitted by a parent
July 16, 2013
One star was a stretch for us in grading SKYVIEW. Kindergarten was a nightmare. The primary leadership is highly inept and incapable of meeting the needs of the children and at times compromises the emotional security of the children.There is a closed door policy in classrooms regardless of what they say. There is LIMITED OPPORTUNITY to be in the classroom with your child. Our child's first year of school was militant, excessively structured and at times humiliating for her. She was highly stressed over the homework requirement until they changed it over Christmas break. The first year of school is crucial and sets the precedence for the rest of a child's academic career. The teachers should inspire a love of learning. It should be a balance of structure and FUN. DO NOT CHOOSE SVA if you want your child's first year to be a positive experience. It may be years, if ever, before my child gains a love of school after being in this school. The other comments are 100% accurate in their description of the administration. The repercussions of the lack of leadership and gross negligence by the leadership will be everlasting. I want others to know the truth behind this 5 star school.

- submitted by a parent
April 18, 2013
If you're reading this to find a school, you know only people who are very happy or very angry usually write reviews. I am neither - here is an objective review to help consider whether or not this is the school for you. I have two kids at Skyview. We have been there since it opened. We are content there - It has had it's share of growing pains, but it is a good place to be. The new principal is GREAT. He supports our hard-working, dedicated teachers - yes some of them are NEW, but they are energetic and effective. The curriculum is challenging and rich. The learning environment IS structured with an emphasis on responsibility and upholding and adhering to standards as an individual and as a community. All schools struggle with bullying, kids can be mean and it's a tough nut to crack but our admin. does NOT tolerate it, nor do the teachers AND most parents want SVA to be good place to learn and are receptive to dialogue on how we can all get along better. There is a lot of homework in 1-4 compared to the neighborhood schools (it evens out in 5th + ) and you HAVE to be involved in your kids' education. If I had it to do over, I'd choose SVA again. It's a good fit for our family.

- submitted by a parent
November 17, 2012
This school is AMAZING! You get one on one attention if you need it. You get the correct education for the level you are at. The teachers and students are both great leaders. The students are always very excepting to everyone. Its like a BIG family. Everyone has respect for one another. The students are going to have a good life ahead of them because this school is a great collage prep and a school that will give the education your student you will need to achieve in life. This school deserves a 10!!!

- submitted by a community member
September 17, 2012
I have a child in Kindergarten and a child in 2nd grade and I can't speak highly enough of this school. The teachers are involved, the curriculum is superb, and the atmosphere has a vibe that makes my kids proud to go to this school. My kids are exited to do homework- it's the first thing they want to do when they get home. They have great relationships and have not had any experience with bullying which is unfortunate to hear. I think every school has some drawbacks but with the school being NEW, I feel an excitement from the faculty to make this a great school and keep the drawbacks I see (which are small) moving in the right direction.

- submitted by a parent
August 22, 2012
We love SkyView Academy, it is a great school for my two elementary children. We've had excellent teachers, nice students in the classes, very involved and friendly parents and a leadership team very committed to academics. I think the 2012-13 school year will improve tremendously with a new principal and the addition of new students and a few new teachers. We've never had a negative experience, I regret to hear about some bully instances, but fortunately, we've not had that experience. All positive. My kids wake up everyday happy and excited to go to school.

- submitted by a parent
August 15, 2012
I also agree with the 8-12 review. My son attended this school and was bullied regularly at recess, in the lunchroom and in special classes. It broke my heart to see his personality completely change during the year he atteneded this school. The administration offices at the school had no interest in listening to the issues that were happening under their roof. I will say his teacher tried to help but unfortuantely it wasn't enough to change the situation. I began the year excited for my son to attend Sky View as their reputation in academics was excellent. By the end of the year I was so stressed about my son's situation I couldn't wait for the school year to end. My son couldn't learn in an environment were he was bullied on a daily basis so in his case attending Sky View actually set him back academically. He is so happy and excited to return to his old school. I agree the grass is not always greener.

- submitted by a parent
August 12, 2012
It doesn't even feel right giving this school one star. This school was the biggest mistake we a ever made. Our child was constantly bullied again and again at this school. Honestly, I cant even type this without bringing tears to my eyes. The concepts and ideals of this school sound great but they lack the leadership from a non-existant administration when a problem such as bullying arises. I am so happy to see the genuine excitement in my childs eye to go back to his old school. Our family will take our experience at Skyview as a learning experience that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

- submitted by a parent
July 02, 2012
We have attended Skyview for 2 years and will be returning for a 3rd. Both of my children are getting exactly what they need with the ability grouping and I feel very lucky to be part of this school. The homework is appropriate (10-15 minutes for my 1st grader: 45 minutes for my 4th grader) and the teachers are great. Yes, some of them are newly out of college but there are some that have several years of teaching experience. The administration could improve on being more visible and available but overall do a good job. The tardy policy is in place to teach responsibility for the kids. When they get a job tardiness will not be accepted so it's good to set the expectation now. I will also say that this school is not for everyone. This school is there for those parents who are more concerned about their childs education than whether there are all of the after school activities that they want or whether the tardy policy is too extreme. Also, in regards to the detention policy for 4th & 5th grade, the administration did what they needed to to enfore responsibility. Again, this school is not for everyone, but it's the perfect fit for us. And my children love attending Skyview.

- submitted by a parent
June 08, 2012
SVA elementary offers a solid education but lacks in leadership as their actions don't consistently demonstrate the character the school says it has and wants to have. The school also lacks common after school groups. There are no clubs such as Math Olympics, Science Matters, KidzStage, Chess club. While DI and Choir are offered, for a school of this size, the activites are very limited.

- submitted by a parent
May 11, 2012
I am very happy with SkyView Academy. I feel that the rules and expectations are well articulated and are not very different from other charter schools. I am impressed by the academic rigor at the school. Homework is expected daily, but this is stated in the parent's handbook. Compared to her neighborhood that placed 30 kindergardeners in a class room and had low performance expectations, SkyView is a challenge but worth the effort. As for the culture, I feel more welcome in the school than in my neighborhood school. The staff makes an effort to recognize and acknowledge parents. The level of information (class room website, e-mails, responses from teachers) makes staying informed of my child's performance easy.

- submitted by a parent
March 31, 2012
It is amazing to me that, as of today, half of the posts are discussing the school's tardy policy. This isn't what a great school is about. My son has attended SkyView for two years. We've had a great experience with his 2nd and 3rd grade teachers. The Administration makes an effort to inform and involve parents. We moved from Cougar Run E.S., which was a good school as well. However, SkyView's ability groupings and the Administration's wilingness to listen to parents influenced us to change schools. I really appreciate SkyView's Founders, Administration, and Teachers. I wouldn't want my son at any other school.

- submitted by a parent
February 01, 2012
I think the administration is not attentive to parents. There is definitely an attitude of "We are doing you a favor by letting your student attend our school." I think this is part of a marketing ploy to make SkyView seem like an "elite" school. However, I think it is the wrong approach to take with parents. And, I hope the board and administration will rethink this approach and approach parents as partners in education.

- submitted by a parent
January 27, 2012
We have LOVED Skyview since it opened! The teachers are amazing and what a great group of involved parents. My daughter has been challenged as well as given extra help where needed.. So nice to have each student's needs met. Skyview us off to a great start and can only get better with time!

- submitted by a parent
January 24, 2012
Skyview Academy is an AMAZING school! My son is only in Pre-K, but he is already above and beyond his peers who attend public school. Uniforms, Spanish everyday, and structured classrooms with tons of parental involvement, are just a few things that make this school great. The pros FAR outweigh the cons of this school, and if you let a little thing like a few minutes in the morning sour this school for you (see previous review), then you may not be happy with any school. The school is constantly improving and growing (it's only in its second year). I say, if you're lucky enough to get accepted, don't pass up this chance of a lifetime for your children!!!

- submitted by a parent
December 16, 2011
I found 12/15/11 parent's comments were offensive. I think you are the one who don't understand the system nor reading the communication. If you would bother to read the first parent's remark, you would see that the parent said the child arrived at the school's lobby at 8:13 a.m. If they could read the time on the lobby's clock, that obviously meant that the door was not locked, but the child was still marked tardy. Getting inside the school before 8:15 am does not guarantee you won't be marked tardy. Attending the assembly does not guarantee you won't be marked tardy. These are NOT the measures for tardiness. The measure is that your child must be in his or her seat ready to learn before 8:15 a.m. This shows that many parents, including you 12/15/11 parent, not understanding the system and school policy. If you go to read the student handbook, you will see that it is not very clear cut. There is some confusion - b/c like you I thought as long as my child went to the assembly she was safe. Boy, was I wrong. I went to both the teacher and school administrator TRYING to tell them the policy not being clear. Both of them ignored me. Neither acknowledged the problem.

- submitted by a parent
November 06, 2011
We attended Skyview last year and have since left. I was attracted to the Core Knowlege curriculum, "Character Education," and promise of top notch, seasoned teachers. As it turned out, our teacher had been out of school for less than a year, and the Character Ed came off as a disingenuous afterthought. My impression was that the school's main priority was was to drive the students to demonstrate very high test scores. I agree that kids should be challenged, but my daughter was continually nervous about performing well to maintain her placement in the high ability group. This very distressed behavior was not normal for her. She also had at least 45 min of homework/night (1st gr), which is 4-5 times the amount that had been discussed prior to the start of school. I found the Dean to set a negative, highly controlled atmosphere. She had no interest in feedback from families who attend the school. Her main priority appeared to be maintaining control of all situations and delivering discipline. I was very disappointed in our experience. Any interest in partnering with parents was limited to a parent's required volunteer time. Admin never asked us why we left the school.

- submitted by a parent

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(303) 471-8439
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