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Lakewood, CO
Students enrolled: 625

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401 Independence St
Lakewood, CO 80226

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June 24, 2014
We wanted this school to work for us, we really did. This school has many wonderful teachers, staff, and parents. This school doesn't work for all types of children. Everything is a competition for performance and grades. This school isn't nurturing for children regardless of ones strengths or weaknesses. Your child can be bright, creative, and smart, and still feel like a failure in this school because of the grading standards. Should children be ultra competitive when they are in the elementary school? What pushes some kids to work harder (school strategies), crushes other kids and makes them feel inferior. My suggestion to Dennison is to realize there are other types of kids. Bright, artistic, funny kids that are shy, introverted, that have all sorts of strengths and weaknesses. My child is more than just a test score. When everything at school is a competition a child loses. They give up, they stop trying and assume they will never measure up. Please, start valuing the different types of students that need encouragement instead of criticism. Nurture these kids and have fun with them (do a crazy hair day), treat them like kids. You are burning out your students.

- submitted by a parent

May 14, 2014
My daughter left another Jeffco school last year and enrolled in Dennison. I can actually compare this school to another Jeffco school, as we have experienced both. First, they use an actual grading system (A,B,C) instead of the 1,2,3,4 style. This allows for both the student and parent to actually see the student's true grade on a test or assignment. The school sends weekly reports, so parents can monitor how their student is doing. I do not feel the homework is too much. My daughter is doing well, but does have to work hard to maintain an A/B average in her classes. The teachers do not put up with the behavior problem students and they are dealt with appropriately. The school is very academic, and stresses the importance of hard work and personal responsibility. This school is a good fit for our family.

- submitted by a parent

September 17, 2013
I still don t understand this hours of homework theme that is being propagated in these reviews. Yes, EVERY STUDENT AT DENNISON, including Kindergarteners, DOES HOMEWORK. If it requires a student HOURS of homework, then maybe the rigor of this school isn t a good choice. Rarely does it take more than 30 minutes in the lower grades & rarely more than an hour in the upper grades. Usually in the upper grades, homework is given on Friday for the following week so that kids have the opportunity to work on it over the weekend. There are plenty of families who have music lessons & sports in addition to the expected work. Not only does the author of 9/12 post need a class in time management but perhaps one in basic math concepts as well. I have no idea what MANY kids are too burned out to go on to D Evelyn means. There are 90 6th graders who get priority placement for getting into D Evelyn. I would be hard pressed, in any given year, to find more than 5% of kids who opt out of going to D Evelyn, & that would include those who move districts or even out of state in addition to the so called "burned out" kids. I would hardly equate less than 5 of 90 as equal to the word MANY .

- submitted by a parent

September 16, 2013
Wow obviously a disgruntled parent wrote the previous review. This school is absolutely about educating the kids. If it was about making the parents feel good the parents would have far more influence in curriculum choices and even a voice in which teacher little Johnny gets. If the previous author means feel good about getting the best public education WITHOUT a required test to get in (i.e. a gifted and talented magnet) or the bureaucracy of a charter school, then yes most parents feel good about the education that is taught at Dennison. In order to improve our children s chances of being leaders (to include globally) we cannot rest on our laurels, as so many schools in the U.S. have done. Presently, the U.S. is ranked 17th in the world in education. At Dennison, the philosophy is such that the bar is set high and we believe that every kid can reach it. 99% of the time every kid at Dennison can and does so consistently, with sustained growth.

- submitted by a parent

September 12, 2013
This school is about making the parents feel good, not about educating children. The whole school seems to take pride in "if you need to know it next year, you can know it this year." Which would be fine if they would teach instead of letting the parents pick up the slack by assigning hours of homework. If you or your children want to do anything besides school, go somewhere else. If you want your child to be given an A for getting all his math right, instead of a C because he had sloppy handwriting, go somewhere else. If you think that because you are teaching the kids more than they are learning at school, and that because you spend hours a week doing things to help the teachers, aides, parking lot and everything else function, would give you some kind of credibility when you see with your own eyes inappropriate actions by personnel, think again. Any suggestion of wrongdoing meets with instant scorn that that the school makes sure your kids feel. You will never hear of a problem here, but you will hear of a great many people who "aren't cut out for this school". A truly great school teaches, not eliminates. A final note is that many kids are too burned out to go on to D'Evelyn

- submitted by a parent

June 24, 2013
Excellent school for preparing your child for the real world. High expectations and rigorous coursework keep the kids busy but not unreasonably so. Homework is less than 30 minutes per night unless they're working on a long-term project. They use A,B,C grading so what you see is what you get score-wise, unlike other Jeffco schools that use the ambiguous 4,3,2,1 scoring. My son has always gotten straight A's with minimal effort, so we make sure to keep him busy with after school classes and the optional online math program. Yes, the school has many rules but luckily my son thrives in that environment; he's definitely not a Montessori-type kid. Dennison is preparing him for the more rigorous D'Evelyn, which in turn will prepare him for an easy transition into college. We have had excellent teachers who have made learning fun while keeping it challenging. The principal always listens to our concerns and has been a complete advocate for our son. If anything, the school has been too easy for our son, & that's okay because he's getting a good education while still enjoying school. Most kids can handle the school's rigor, it tends to be the parents who often can't handle it!

- submitted by a parent

April 17, 2013
As time goes on, I have become less enthusiastic about this much sought after school. As with most schools, there are some excellent teachers and some mediocre teachers. The current principle also leaves something to be desired. Children are turned into academic machines at very young ages. Instead of being rewarded for hard work, they seem to be regularly told that their best isn't good enough. As my children progress through the grades, I have noticed increasingly unrealistic academic expectations from the teachers. I do like the high level of parental involvement at this school. This school is great for some families, but I have heard many other parents express similar concerns, and it seems that an increasingly large number of children are being pulled from the school every year. While this school may offer high test scores and an excellent "great schools" rating, think twice before putting your child into this school. Our family is considering making the transition to another school.

- submitted by a parent

March 23, 2013
We took our boys out of Dennison, its the best thing we ever did!!!! Our boys are thriving at a 10 rated great school. Dennison is not the same place it was 3 years ago.

- submitted by a parent

February 15, 2013
My son is in K at this school and we have been very pleased with the support of his teacher, paraprofessionals, and principal. Everyone is very caring and they have gone above and beyond to try and make sure his needs are met. I do find the behavior policies to be very strict and it takes some getting used to for some kids, but all in all I know that it's necessary. It's very challenging academically, but my child thrives on that, so it's not an issue. Overall we are very pleased with this school.

- submitted by a parent

December 11, 2012
Our children attended Dennison and continued to D Evelyn. We believed that these schools would provide the best education for the money, based on parent reviews and scholastic performance. My children are above average intelligence, but are not academically gifted and they struggled to get C s. School performance is important, but growth is a far better indicator of a schools ability to educate then testing scores. Student GPA & class ranking will matter more to Colleges then a school ranking. Dennison expects parents to tutor their children 2-4hrs a night. This is the secrete to Dennison s success, along with a high drop out rate. Any school that extends the school day and eliminates the lower performing students, will have better test scores. Neither Dennison nor D Evelyn help struggling students. We found it necessary hire tutors then later, transfer our children from D Evelyn other schools. Remember, childhood is about laughter and fun, not just scholastic prestige. Dennison/D Evelyn are for gifted and mature children only. They foster good conservative morals and the families are great. Many of the teachers are remarkable though some are ineffective and uncaring.

- submitted by a parent

September 13, 2012
I have two children at this school and couldn't be happier. Not only are the academics top-notch, but the parent involvement is great. If you are looking for a great education for your child AND a community you can get involved in, this is a great choice. Yes, it's a lottery, so don't get your hopes up; just go to the information meeting, apply, and wait and see. In the meantime, you can check out other fantastic Jeffco schools.

- submitted by a parent

July 10, 2012
Of course the lottery process has zero transparency...it's a lottery! I get it, it's a nail bitter we've been there. Openings change from year to year depending on how many incoming siblings are registered. One year it can be 20 opens another year it can be 40, maybe more, I don't work in the office. The year my child came in we were in the low 20s and I didn't hear anything for months. However, I do know the staff cannot tell you the number they are working on because they have outstanding calls to families with lower numbers. The staff need a decline or acceptance of the open offer before the staff can move onto the next. It is my understanding that this process isn't complete until the middle of summer. Let us not blame the staff but rather those who have a low lottery number and don't get back to the school in a timely fashion. It is egregious and outright unreasonable for the previous parent to give this school a one star when clearly this person know nothing of the standards, academics, teachers, etc. of this truly incredibly awesome life changing incomparable elementary school.

- submitted by a parent

June 19, 2012
Good luck getting in though. Admissions are by lottery only. The lottery process has zero transparency. They don't tell you how many openings they have each year, how many siblings got in or how the number you are assigned fits in with any of these other numbers. At the very least they should post a website saying the next opening will go to number XX. Then you would know how far your number was from the current number. No that would be way to hard for weary administrators. I mean updating a number every week or so is hard work. Why would they want to lift a finger to let concerned parents know if they are even close to getting in to this incredibly awesome life changing incomparable elementary school.

- submitted by a parent

May 26, 2012
Be prepared to "fit in" at Dennison with both the faculty and parents. If you have issues with the curriculum or teachers, chances are you will be ostracized and given the cold shoulder. Academically, Dennison is a good school but still follows the Jeffco curriculum. Your kids will get graded for things not related to homework or tests. They push hard at this school, so you will have to deal with those side-effects. Two to three hours of homework a night is common so if you want your child to have a life outside of school, this is not the place.

- submitted by a parent

April 19, 2012
I realy interested this school. I want my kids go to Dennison. But I dont know how to enter my kids for this school

- submitted by a community member

January 24, 2012
As great as all the reviews are, there are some downsides to this school. It feels very punitive. At recess before a party, the teacher said, "If you don't behave we won't have the party." Come on! In the small lunch room, the helper uses a megaphone and what I've heard are hurrying words and punishments of quiet time b/c of too much enthusiasm. On the playground the helper is very controlling, using a megaphone, too. Parents are not encouraged to drop by just to observe; volunteering spots fill up quickly (great!) but if you don't have a smart phone forget about getting a spot. The librarian seems like a nice woman but with the kids she rarely smiles or uses an enthusiastic voice. The parents are fantastic; community seems very right wing conservative. One last criticism with most JeffCo schools, they reward with candy. People seem intimidated to make changes b/c of the difficulty of admission and good reputation.

- submitted by a parent

January 17, 2012
I am a parent of 4 sons who have moved through this phenomenal school. It is nothing short of the highest quality education a parent could hope for. Hard work - yes, worth the effort - absolutely! We are so, so thankful for the strong start our children have been given at Dennison.

- submitted by a parent

September 14, 2010
Even though public school funding has languished lately because of multiple reasons, the students, teachers, administration, and parents of Dennison have "brought their level up to the game." We do "more with less" than any elementary school in Colorado. Excellence is the only way to describe the Dennison school culture. This is truly a great school!

- submitted by a parent

April 13, 2010
Dennison is an absolutely phenomenal school. I have experenced the standard Jeffco (4 yrs) and the Jeffco Gifted and Talented Program (5 yrs), and I would highly recomend Dennison if you are looking for a solid curriculum base and an academic challenge for your child.

- submitted by a parent

November 11, 2008
This school has outstanding test scores, which would lead one to believe that this is a school for 'gifted' children. The fact is that there are children with many different acedemic needs and this school does an AMAZING job of teaching all of these children. The school uses a 'total classroom' learning approach and there is no ability grouping. As a parent of a child who struggles, this approach has been helpful to identify areas of weakness. At schools that are ability based, I believe my child would have slipped through the cracks. The commitment from parents, teachers, and administrators at this school is outstanding! I feel very lucky to be a part of this school!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 13, 2008
Dennison is a school with high expectations for both behavior and academics. It is for committed parents who believe in the school's philosophy and not for whiners who want to lower the standards because they are not willing to pay the price for academic success through hard work and discipline. If you believe in a rigorous academic environment that requires discipline and an attitude of excellence, this is the school for you and your child! I give Dennison teachers and an excellent curriculum credit for the success of my children. However, I also take credit as a parent who believes in the Dennison philosophy and for holding my kids to the school's high standards. Just because your child attends Dennison/DeEvlyn does not give them automatic acceptance to Ivy League colleges. It takes hard work and determination.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
February 14, 2008
My grown childen attended Dennison and it was a wonderful experience in public education. The strong academics of the program was my attraction to the school and I found the community of caring parents & teachers was the icing on the cake. Both my childern are working professionals and I have to give their early education credit for setting them in the right direction.....Warren Petracek/Lakewood CO

- submitted by a parent

November 02, 2004
As a family we have thoroughly enjoyed our Dennison experience where the goal is more than 'no child left behind.' Dennison's leadership represents a special blend of care for the future by paying special attention to the student today. Dennison has a definite commitment to excellence through the positive actions of its dedicated teachers. Dennison's principal and teachers are excellent educators who strive, on a daily basis, to lead by example and ensure that the partnership between parents, teachers, and students are positively balanced in a safe environment for learning. Dennison = a quality educational experience in a safe environment.

- submitted by a parent

July 14, 2004
The best Elementary School in Jefferson County with the always the best Test Scores!

- submitted by a parent

April 11, 2004
You will never find a better school anywhere. If you want your student to learn how to read, write, experience a wonderful Math program, this is the place! The school uses the Open Court Program and there just isn't anything better. I taught at this school for 10 years, and believe me there is nothing better in Jefferson County. Dennis Michael, retired Jefferson County teacher

- submitted by a teacher

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401 Independence St, Lakewood, CO  80226
(303) 982-6382
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