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GreatSchools Rating

The GreatSchools rating is a simple tool for parents to compare schools based on test scores, student academic growth, and college readiness. It compares schools across the state, where the highest rated schools in the state are designated as “Above Average” and the lowest “Below Average.” It is designed to be a starting point to help parents make baseline comparisons. We always advise parents to visit the school and consider other information on school performance and programs, as well as consider their child's and family's needs as part of the school selection process.

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Rating Breakdown
Test score rating6
The test score rating examines how students at this school performed on standardized tests compared with other schools in the state. Test scores are based on 2014-15 CMAS test scores.
Student growth rating2
The student growth rating measures whether students at this school are making academic progress over time. Specifically, the rating looks at how much progress individual students have made on reading and math assessments during the past year or more. This rating is based on 2012-13 and 2013-14 Median Growth Percentiles in Math and English Language Arts from the state of Colorado.
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Elementary School
Middle School

Colorado School Grade

Colorado School Grades includes student academic growth in its rating of overall school performance. Colorado School Grades worked with the Center for Education Policy Analysis at the University of Colorado at Denver and R-Squared Research, LLC to calculate the grades using statewide test score data as well as the exact same variables and weights as the Colorado Department of Education's School Performance Framework.

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Rating Breakdown
Elementary School - Colorado School Rank503.0
Elementary School - Colorado Overall Achievement GradeC+
Elementary School - Colorado Math Achievement GradeC+
Elementary School - Colorado Overall Growth GradeC
Elementary School - Colorado Math Growth GradeC
Elementary School - Colorado ELA Achievement GradeB
Elementary School - Colorado ELA Growth GradeC
Middle School - Colorado School Rank274.0
Middle School - Colorado Overall Achievement GradeC+
Middle School - Colorado Math Achievement GradeC
Middle School - Colorado Overall Growth GradeC
Middle School - Colorado Math Growth GradeC+
Middle School - Colorado ELA Achievement GradeC
Middle School - Colorado ELA Growth GradeC

Cross-state ratings

SchoolGrades.org rating B
Learn more about this school's SchoolGrades.org rating http://schoolgrades.org/schools/12272

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  • SchoolGrades.org uses a rigorous, common standard to compare schools across the United States. It adjusts for differences in academic standards across the states and accounts for each school’s unique economic profile. School letter grades are based on how well students perform based on an international standard of excellence.
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Test scores

The bar charts below tell what percentage of students are performing at or above grade-level.


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About the test

The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development (READ) Act, passed in 2012, requires that all Colorado kindergarten through third-grade students be assessed early in the school year to identify potential reading deficiencies. The goal of the READ Act Assessment is to make sure that all students are competent readers by spring of their third-grade year and ready for fourth grade curriculum. The test was administered for the first time in the 2014-2015 school year. The READ Act requires teachers to assess the literacy development in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development (including oral skills), reading fluency, and reading comprehension.

Source: Colorado Department of Education


Cross-state ratings SchoolGrades.org, 2014-2015
  NCES, 2014-2015