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user5728093 in Academics & Activities Community October 18, 2014

Hello, We are relocating to Jacksonville beach and surrounds from Auckland New Zealand November 18th 2014 and have two school aged daughters.... More » 


user5727668 in Elementary School Community October 18, 2014

my daughter is 6, we are planning to move Tempe this Non-14. Can you guide good schools and session timeline etc.


user5726372 in Special Education Community October 16, 2014

Hi,I am moving from Queens NY, and moving to Richmond. Two children who need Special Education one for Autism. New York was a fight I hope someone... More » 


dorothys in Middle School Community October 14, 2014

Whoops accidentally double posted here, moving to Los Angeles thread, thanks!


dorothys in Middle School Community October 13, 2014

Hi--Does anyone have any experience with the GATE program at Thomas Starr King Middle School? Specifically, any thoughts on how a highly gifted,... More » 

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doritSL October 13, 2014

my shy daughter did well at King gifted magnet. The school is made up of 3 small schools and is VERY large (1500 kids),... More »


dorothys October 14, 2014

Whoops, had thought this was a sub-thread of the L.A. group, would make more sense to post it there. Thanks to both of... More »


user5722281 in Middle School Community October 12, 2014

My husband and I are considering holding back our son after he finishes the 8th grade. While he's a good student, I don't think he's... More » 


reneneb in Elementary School Community October 5, 2014

My son is 8. I am looking for schools in the DC/MD area that understand boys and their learning needs. It's been a challenging search. Any... More » 


user5711598 in Preschool Community September 30, 2014

Hi! With my family we moved to Syracuse in August 2014. Now we need to find local public education facility (pre-school or kindergarten) for our... More » 


user5709549 in Elementary School Community September 28, 2014

Good Day, I am the Founder & CEO of a new private school in Jacksonville, Florida. Our school, Academy of Scholars, Inc. offers services... More » 

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