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user5854472 in Special Education Community May 25, 2015

Looking for teachers trained in Lindamood-bell programs and teacher trainers.


user5853435 in Elementary School Community May 21, 2015

we are planning to move to dallas reegion in december time frame. my son would be going to Kindergarten this year. He is born on 10 september.... More » 


user5850194 in Elementary School Community May 16, 2015

my 1st grader brought home his report card on the last day of school and the teacher wrote at the top "retained". I have struggled... More » 


user5847927 in Preschool Community May 11, 2015

We are moving this summer from Alaska to Maryland to better meet our 3 year old daughter's needs. She is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder... More » 


user5845579 in Elementary School Community May 6, 2015

My son is in 1st grade and we have been called by the school multiple times about his behavior, at first we ride to address the behavior problem...... More » 


user5844635 in Improve Your School Community May 5, 2015

Our children are most valuable to us. We all need our kids to succeed in life and simplicity into school characteristically. Some essential components... More » 


user5841467 in Special Education Community April 28, 2015

I am looking for info. for a friend who has a son ADD in grade school and is falling behind. He has an IEP. The school suggested she get a tutor.... More » 


user5836423 in Elementary School Community April 19, 2015

I am a single grandmother raising my grand daughter. I am considering moving to OC. I am really nervous about this move and would consider... More » 


user5831341 in Middle School Community April 9, 2015

My child will be attending 7th grade middle school in the upcoming year. I tried to request a permit so that my child can attend an out of district... More » 

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MagnetMom April 15, 2015

Hi, It sounds like you are living within the boundaries of LAUSD. Several years back they made it extremely difficult... More »


user5431241 in Special Education Community April 8, 2015

We live in NY and are considering relocating to Florida. The services and schools are wonderful here, but it's becoming increasingly difficult... More » 

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