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user5680244 in Health & Development Community 23 hours ago

Vision is around 20/300 in both eyes she can not wear glasses because it is in her occipital nerve and is congenital. Sadi is very flexible and... More » 


user5675863 in Special Education Community August 27, 2014

We have a 5 year old on the autism spectrum and are thinking of moving from boston to Louisville. Any comments/opinions on ASD programming, schools,... More » 


user4587783 in Elementary School Community August 27, 2014

My family is moving to Palm Beach next year and we are trying to find the best schools and the best communities. My kids are 4 and 8 and we would... More » 


user5675734 in Preschool Community August 27, 2014

What time does preschool get out at Carver


user5674393 in Preschool Community August 26, 2014

hi we r moving to glen oaks ps 115 son almost 4years old missed prek seat there.What are the options now for his prek? m looking for full... More » 


user5671663 in Middle School Community August 24, 2014

Sudlow Intermediate school is a very good school to allow your child to go to they have very good teachers that teach your kids a lot of new and... More » 


user5671640 in Elementary School Community August 24, 2014

i can,t get my school supplys


user5602387 in Special Education Community August 22, 2014

My daughter, who is 9, recently had an IQ test done use the WISC-IV. She has a very large scatter on the subtests and a 50 point difference on... More » 


user5579528 in High School Community August 22, 2014

My daughter is joining grade 11 at Iroquois Highschool, Erie Pa. She has J-1 visa as int'l student exchange. She must attend Grade 12 at another... More » 


user5208759 in Elementary School Community August 21, 2014

My husband and I are almost ready to purchase our first home. I am not from Dallas/Texas, therefore, I don't know much about the communities... More » 

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