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user5763789 in Special Education Community December 9, 2014

Looking for the best special ed school in Portland, Me area. Love the Deering area. Wondering if Private is best option


vervar in Special Education Community December 9, 2014

I'm looking for a public elementary school that knows how to deal with ADHD in the North OC, CA area.


michelle6 in Special Education Community November 26, 2014

My son was tested by an Optometrist who determined that my son has inefficient oculomotor (eye movement) skills, which affects him when reading... More » 


user5752057 in Special Education Community November 19, 2014

My family is moving from TX to the Pocatello area and our 6yr old son has Autism, mostly nonverbal and has sensory processing issues. Can someone... More » 


user5684956 in Elementary School Community November 18, 2014

I'm looking to find out about afterschool programs I can sign my 8yr old daughter up for once we move to East Meadow in January?


user5744544 in Special Education Community November 8, 2014

Can someone explain this to me? My son was tested last summer by a school psychologist and then she move away and never interpreted it for me. ... More » 


user5737011 in Health & Development Community October 29, 2014

Does anyone know where to get free deodorants for schools? or Tampons? or Toothbrushes?

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user5746975 November 12, 2014

Hi I have a few ideas...after watching the TV show e treme seems that many toiletries go on sale with coupons... More »


user5736446 in Elementary School Community October 28, 2014

HI I have a son about to start kinder garden next year and I am moving to north Carolina in February and I was wondering what the best schools are... More » 


user5728093 in Academics & Activities Community October 18, 2014

Hello, We are relocating to Jacksonville beach and surrounds from Auckland New Zealand November 18th 2014 and have two school aged daughters.... More » 


user5727668 in Elementary School Community October 18, 2014

my daughter is 6, we are planning to move Tempe this Non-14. Can you guide good schools and session timeline etc.

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