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user5430152 January 30, 2014

Sadly, my daughter is bullied in PRESCHOOL. A teacher recommended some books. I think "Odd Girl Out, The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls" by Rachel Simmons. Ch 10 is what to do/not to do to help through bullying. Real examples/real options


user5349191 December 15, 2013

My grandchild has been, and still is, being bullied by students and sadly teachers as well. She comes home in tears and does not want to go to school. We are still trying to address this, but when the teacher seems to be the main problem...then what?


user5333218 October 21, 2013

Thank goodness not yet. he is pitting on weight from the ADHD meds i give him so i have to be careful what he eat so that does not happen

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