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what is wrong with my charter school and why they are doin this


iwant2acheive June 20, 2010

hello Im a fellow student in the 8th and have be refused to let me pass with 2 final ds and they allow to give those students summer school to pass the last week of school they gave out the permission slips and i have been apesent cause my mother said theres no point on going if theres gunna be grad rehersal goin on that week and they had said your staying back and they never had to my mother about the summer school situation after she asked they had to her friday and they had said because of my apsent i can get it and i dont get why they are doing and they also didnt tell me if i was passing or not until i paid this 250$ trip balance that my mom asked them a week b 4 i paid she asked and they gave no respone if there was passing or not and after i paid they had said i was staying back and can there be a chance i can get help here i need a plan b fast!!!!!!

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MagnetMom December 29, 2011

Hi Iwant2acheive,

Just checking in a bit later, I'm wondering how things are now.

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