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What areas in Connecticut (Stamford) has the best public schools?


Giuls0701 July 27, 2008

What areas in Connecticut (Stamford) has the best public schools?

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healthy11 July 27, 2008

Have you tried using the "Research and Compare" feature on the green menu bar near the top of this page? You can enter the city/state and grade level of schools you're interested in, and get a list of schools in that area. If you click on the individual school names, you can find out more details about them.


CTMom23 May 24, 2009

Stamford is a wonderful city with a lot of culture, we are not a small town. Northeast, Davenport, Newfield & Roxbury, Turn of River, Stamford High School & Westhill High School are excellent non-magnet schools. Westover, Scofield & AITE are magnet schools and you can only get in by lottery. I can tell you the above mentioned schools are very good. My own children attended a few of these schools and the other ones are schools that friends of ours attend or have attended.

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