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How did you choose a preschool in Brookfield?


tjlove August 14, 2008

How did you choose a preschool in Brookfield?

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hkferrara October 16, 2009

Did research on daycares and spoke to other parents. Had an interview and then was able to show up at unspeciied time to see how things go during the day, The only choice was Country Kids in Brookfield, CT. They make the kids feel right at home and puts the parents at ease. They communicate with the parents so great that you always know what is happening. The women who run the program, have raised their children and treat your child as their own. My son learned so much from this pre-school and Kindergarten program that he is in 5th grade and gets straight A's because he learned the importance of how to properly study from his teachers at Country Kids. I cannot say enough about this daycare facility, they also taught my son how to swim. Wonderful facility.

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