Student diversity

  This school State average
Black 90% 31%
Hispanic 10% 15%
Hawaiian 0% 0%
Two or more races 0% 3%
Asian 0% 4%
Native American 0% 0%
White 0% 48%
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School cultural diversity1

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Class size

  This school State average
Average number of students - English Language Arts 12 19
Average number of students - Math 12 20
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Qualified teachers

Subject Percent of classes taught by highly qualified teachers State average
General Elementary 73% 98%
English Language Arts 80% 96%
English N/A 95%
Arts & Humanities 71% 99%
Math 100% 95%
Science 100% 96%
Social Studies 0% 95%
World Languages N/A 92%
Geography N/A 96%
History - Social Science Grade 8 Cumulative N/A 99%
Economics N/A 93%
Government N/A 98%
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School leadership

  This school State average
Current principal's tenure (in years) 3 N/A
Number of principals in the last 5 years 2 2
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Choice enrollment

  This school
Students attending this school through their feeder pattern assignment 0%
Students "choicing" into this school who live in the district 0%
Students "choicing" into this school who live outside the district (includes vocational and charter schools) 100%
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Student diversity DE Dept. of Education, 2013-2014
Class size DE Dept. of Education, 2013-2014
Qualified teachers DE Dept. of Education, 2013-2014
School leadership DE Dept. of Education, 2013-2014
Choice enrollment DE Dept. of Education, 2013-2014