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Good and challenging elementary and middle school in Delaware


sleeck7 February 23, 2011

We are moving to Delaware this summer and desperately looking for a good school for my 4h grader (in 2011-12). She is above grade level in reading, maths and science. I can move to any school district with the right school. Which elementary and middle school is good and challenging in Delaware? I heard about Linden Hill, North Star and Bradywing Springs but questionable about the middle school. We like to apply Charter school of Wilmington for high school in the future.

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pretsof May 3, 2011

We are relocating to De from the UK. We are looking at elementary schools (kids aged 4 and 7) and the Delaware schools don't seems to rate as well as the Pennsylvania ones. Not sure why this is, did you get any feedback on the ones you mentioned? We are desparate for info!


yolanda_fan July 22, 2011

Hi, sleeck7 and pretsof. I just saw your post today. I don't know if you've moved to a Delware yet, in which case you're already living in a school district. Welcome to Delaware!

For public schools, you are limited to the school in your "feeder pattern," unless you apply to send your child to another school in your district or another school district. The deadline for this Choice application is in January of the preceding school year, however.

I live in New Castle County, which is the northern part of the state. My comments are all about New Castle County schools.

I'm happy with my sons' school, which is Highlands Elementary School. Other good elementary schools in the area are Brandywine Springs and Mount Pleasant, which are in the Brandywine School District, in a Wilmington neighborhood called North Wilmington. Newark Charter school is excellent but hard to get into (and the application deadline for that one is the preceding school year).

For middle school, the best public schools are HB DuPont, Newark Charter, and Cab Calloway. Other schools with good rankings based on test scores (but I don't know any parents whose children go there) are Hanby and Springer.

Private schools in Delaware are very expensive. I haven't read any conclusive data that show they are significantly better than good public schools. But some good private schools in New Castle County are Tower Hill, Tatnall, Sanford, St. Edmonds (all boys), Ursiline (all girls), and Nazareth Academy.

I hope all goes well. Keep us updated


sch00lm0m September 18, 2012

The public school systems are a joke! If you want to give your children the best education you must pay for it. It is sad to say, but you get what you pay for. A sequential education is a must in order to have a solid foundation and a successful educational and life career.


SarahMurray April 17, 2013

I think the more that the private schools loose students to the public schools in Delaware the better the public schools become, it stands to reason. I have many friends who have their kids in the public school system and are thrilled with it - and they have moved from the private schools. This is a great website to compare and contrast what schools you are looking into! Good luck!

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