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Full day pre-K?


RyDad1 May 29, 2011

Looking for recommendations for a FULL-DAY Pre-K in the WIlmington/New Castle area...

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gogetter100 July 6, 2011

We love the Goddard School. There are several in the area, including one down on the Riverfront in Wilmington. Our 2.5 year old has attended one of the schools since she was 10 months old. They always have learning activites for them, regardless of their ages. Staff are fun and loving to child while helping them grow.
We have heard good things about Bright Horizons, up on 202 across from AstraZeneca and next to AI Dupont Hospital. This was our alternative choice when we searched a few years ago.
Regardless of your choice, make sure you go and check out the school through the county. I think it was the Licensing Board. They have current and past instpection reports and any parent reports on file. Both day cares I mentioned had zero insidents, while some others did.


noeldietrich January 4, 2012

I realize this is an old post, but in case anyone else has this question, Wilmington Montessori School offers full-day preschool and toddler programs.


sch00lm0m September 18, 2012

The Independence School has both half-day and full-day options with extended day and summer camp programs. They have it all and it's exceptional!

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