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Best program for gifted kindergartener in Delaware?


Anonymous September 18, 2009

We have a gifted kindergartener and live in northern New Castle County. We're willing to commute... we would consider private school, also. Was wondering if anyone would recommend the gifted program in Brandywine SD over the Newark Charter School (if we got in!). Many thanks!

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healthy11 September 19, 2009

Hi. I'm not from DE, but I had a son who attended a private gifted school in our area. They were very willing to share their school's standardized test scores and allow students to do "shadow day visits" (accompany a current student to their classes) so that parents could make informed decisions about which was a better "fit." Perhaps the schools that you're considering would do likewise.
I'd also like to invite you to join Greatschools Gifted Group at

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