Elementary School Math

What math is that?

Is your child's homework almost unrecognizable?
From Math Expressions to Singapore math, learn about some of the most popular - and different - math curricula being taught in schools today. More »


Academic Skills

Object lessons

Kindergartners kick-start math with blocks, bottle caps, and dice.

Academic Skills

Count 'em up

First graders learn about money, time, and measurements.

Academic Skills

Time and money

Second graders should be able to tell time, count their change, and write whole numbers up to 1,000.

Academic Skills

Building a strong foundation

Facts, facts, and more facts! Third graders focus on math facts - like drilling those times tables.

Academic Skills

Real numbers in the real world

Fourth grade math emphasizes applying what kids know and knowing what they apply.

Academic Skills

Getting a sneak peek

Fifth grade math kicks off with a limited look at the wide world of algebra.

Academic Skills

Sharing games, math lessons

See four fun ways to teach your first graders to share using math games.

Learning Activities

Math's a beach

Catch the math wave: Ditch the flashcards. Instead, practice math facts while playing catch.


What is a math disability?

Learn about the signs and sources of a learning disability in math -- and how to detect them in your child.

Learning Activities

Undercover calculation

Seven fun ways to work math into your kids' everyday routine.

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