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We are moving into a not so great school district My options is homeschooling or K12 or OHVA


gluewho246 October 21, 2008

We had to move. The area is really nice but the schools are not good at all. They are safe but there tests scores are not good at all. I have looked into the OHVA they use the k12 program. I really like the program but wanted to know first hand what people thing? I have a two children two are having a very hard time in school. And I have a son who is doing great in school. I really need some help?

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asdmomma January 19, 2009

what school district?what do you need help with?


jabreel15 January 22, 2009

K12 is OHVA, K12 just provides the materials OHVA is the actual school. OHVA is one of Ohio's best rated E-Schools and has been rated Effective by the Ohio Department of Education for the 07-08 school year. OHVA also does face to face meets all over the state in each regions major cities (some in small suburbs) that parents are required to attend (at least 4 a year)

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