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Why are elementary schools having the kids change classes?


Anonymous December 20, 2009

My child started having different teachers for different subjects in the 2nd grade, it just seems that they need to teach them how to organize different subjects w/one teacher so they can work their way up to handling how to keep up with assignments from multiple teachers. My daughter is epileptic and has ADHD which makes it even harder for her and me as a parent trying to help with homework.

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MagnetMom December 20, 2009

Even in my daughter's school, it was common for some teachers to team teach in the lower grades. In most cases it was because they had the ability to teach to their strengths (one would teach science while the other taught another subject). Each teacher presents different subject matter and they can spend more time studying it. In addition, the students can be brought together based on their understandings and strengths so they can be taught better as well.

If you have concerns about how team teaching affects your daughter, definitely contact your child's teacher and follow up with the principal or your IEP team. I understand your concerns, and there should be some way to accommodate her.


TeacherParent December 21, 2009

Team teaching is a part of modern education. I didn't like it much either but there's not much to do about it. Team teaching allows teachers to teach to their strengths - so they say - rather than having a single teacher teach all the major subjects.
They also say it prepares children for middle school though I find preparing children in 2nd grade for what will happen in 6th grade somewhat premature and - I haven't found that team teaching in elementary school makes the transition to middle school any better or any easier.
It's a very fair question to ask of the team - Do you coordinate your homework expectations? Do all team teachers know what's been assigned every night? I find that they don't and so children end up with far more homework than they would if they had just one teacher.
Teachers can be people resistant to change and resistant to parent input - ask around. Find out if other parents feel their child has too much homework and too little help at school with organization. Your daughter's team should have a website and the nightly homework should be posted there every night for all to see what it is and how much it is.
Good luck with this - I sincerely hope you find a way to help your daughter get the homework under control.

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