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Should "evolution" be taught alongside of "creation"?


Jennilon November 20, 2008

I would personally like to see "creation" being taught alongside of "evolution". However, I am concerned how it will be taught. It would be wonderful to have it taught without biasness but that can't be controled entirely. I just read an article in my local paper this morning on this very subject and wanted some "real" parental feedback.

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drjohnson November 20, 2008

I'm sorry, but I can see no place for Creationism in the public schools other than in comparative religion courses. If home schoolers or religious schools teach Creationism, then that's their option.


Jsillymom November 20, 2008

Honestly what I would rather see is a discussion in the classroom. Not neccersarily teaching Creationism but at least letting everyone know that not everyone believes in Evolution and maybe the reasons why. Not just maybe a Christian view either but why different cultures or different religions believe the way they do. Not in a forceful way but in an informal way to let the children know that people can believe differently.

I am not saying a whole curriculum should be made out for it but just a discussion before they talk about evolution. That is just my personal opinion though. But I also think in the end a parent should decide if their child should be included in any of these discussions including that of evolution. Again this is just my personal opinion and I would never say my opinion is right over anyone else's. This is just what I feel and think.


tjlove November 20, 2008

Jennilon, can you post a link to the article you read?


TeacherParent January 14, 2009

My feedback is as a parent and a teacher. I'd say first - if students graduate from high school never having heard of 'creationism' -they haven't been taught much about current events. This discussion is a very hot topic and if you're going to be an educated, informed person you should know and understand this controversy.
That said, when I taught science, I did teach both evolution and creationism - not as firm truths but as being among the many possible answers to the question - where did we come from? Every culture has had its own answer to that - and I tried to offer a few of the answers to that question that have been held over the years over the world.

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