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Do you agree with the lefties??!!


eccentric November 21, 2008

Are left-handed people smarter?

Yep. According to researcher Alan Searleman, southpaws have higher IQs, solve problems better and enjoy more extensive vocabularies than righties. Lefty cases in point: Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso, for starters. Not to mention every U.S. president since 1981, except for George Bush!

Take heart, righties: Searleman's study also found that lefties have worse memories than their right-handed peers. :)

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MSMomm November 21, 2008

I can't help but agree - I am a lefty!!! Yeah!!


Rockland November 21, 2008

Except for Bush, that's funny!

Both my father and sister are lefties and are both very smart and wonderful artists.

I was reading about this not too long ago but the church used to assosiate the left hand with the devil. In Latin "felt" comes from sinister and was thought that left handed made you a servent of the devil. This would explain why my mother-in-law was forced to write with her right hand when she was in parochial school. Can you imagine?!


1seremen November 21, 2008

The researcher is likely to be right. My son is 5 and he is one of them. I noticed it when he was around one and everyone knew when he was two.

His creative critical thinking level is that of my 8 years old daughter. He has an answer for everything. He thinks the teacher is teaching him the "pre-school stuff, the same thing" everyday. He tesses her sister to spell W and thinks he should be in 3rd grade. You can only get away with him if you're firm and fair.

His logic is super and memory OK.

Thanks for sharing!


kkornas November 21, 2008

Yes! I'm a lefty too! I get made fun of a lot because I write sideways...any other lefties know what I'm talking about??

Rockland, I've heard that too--that the left hand was once believed to be more "sinister" than the right. I can't imagine being forced to write with my right hand!


tjlove November 21, 2008

I'm a lefty too so I have to agree- especially with the memory part. Mine is deplorable (note use of extensive vocabulary). And yes, kk, I write sideways as well.


eccentric November 21, 2008

Oh C'mon all you lefties gloating!! lol

My older one is a lefty and my husband can use both hands really well ( I think he was originally a lefty and then his parents tried to make him a righty and now he's both!!). That leaves me with my wonderful right hand!! LOL
By the way, Obama is also left handed! Also, 64% students at Oxford University are left handed! I don't really know what that means!! LOL


MSMomm November 21, 2008

Lefties Rule!!!!

BTW, but not quite related to the lefty post - Obama is just four days older than me!!! And he's a lefty!!!

Woo Hoo!

Now, what what I doing??? :)


healthy11 November 21, 2008

My son definitely fits the bill!
There are other studies I've read that unfortunately also point out that a higher percentage of lefties are dyslexic, and my son fits that description, too... it will be interesting to see what future studies reveal...


debrasuefitzge November 21, 2008

my two daughters are lefties,i can use both hands and my husband is right handed ,my youngest who is 4 uses both, but to older siblings use just their left hands.


MagnetMom November 21, 2008

Speaking as a righty who's married to someone who was forcibly converted to right-handedness, I will say I find lefties are more adaptive. You're all so used to dealing with a right handed world you just make do. Break your left arm, and you'll be able to do it right handed. Quite frankly, I'd be useless if I broke my right hand.

At least once a year we get a kid who does something to injure their bowling hand. I find that the lefties almost always can convert to right-handedness until they heal, and righties, well, they just try to heal as quickly as possible.

I'm sure it's because you're used to being taken for granted in this world, but trust me, there's a healthy fascination with lefties in sports, and a left-handed bowler can make OODLES more than a right-handed pro (although a MLB pitcher would be the ideal leftie payday).

So celebrate!

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