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How do I know when to pull my child out of the public school and homeschool?


Johanna2728 November 24, 2008

My daughter is in 1st grade, she loves learning, but she hates going to school. She just wants to stay home to get away from the "mean girls". I don't want her to run away from her problems, but the problem hasn't gone away. Should I homeschool her? In my city homeschoolers are "weird". I grew up in the same public schools that my daughter attends. Any thoughts.

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laura1967 November 26, 2008

Have you spoken with her "Teacher, about what she is talking about?" That would be the first step i would take.


debrasuefitzge November 26, 2008

i agree with laura,this would be my first step.


kimck3 December 2, 2008

We are new homeschoolers this year after 2 years of public school. Deciding to homeschool is kind of like undertaking a new career. If you are really interested, dig around on the internet. You may find many local resources or groups you never dreamed were available.

I do agree that should talk to her teacher and try to work it out. Particularly if you're not sold on homeschooling.


Johanna2728 December 3, 2008

Yes, I have talked to the teacher. She says that everything is fine. Bascially, my daughter is bored with the material all day, and then to top it off she has no one to play with on the playground. So, she is literally bored for 6 hours a day, every day. I am thinking about hiring a private homeschool company, so she can get her high school diploma when the time comes.


kimck3 December 3, 2008

This is why we started homeschooling as well! My son literally learned nothing his entire first grade year and the teacher was unwilling or unable to challenge or engage him in the classroom. Home school has been a great fit for him! He is a much happier kid. Good luck!


Tutoring April 26, 2009

i don't know if your in new orleans but i have a homeschool class where i teach alpha omega curriculum.


trooper April 26, 2009

I agree with Laura. You need to gather as much information as possible. Make an appointment - to talk to your child's teacher about what has been reported to you. Your daughter sounds as if she is so unhappy - and I know that must be tearing you apart.
You need to give this information to the teacher. Try to be specific, is there something happening between your child and another? Is your child missing you? Explore all the possibilities. Your child needs to be reassured. It is a good thing that she has confided in you. Hopefully, you and the teacher can sort things out - and help your child feel better about school.
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