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How do you get school to follow recommendations from neuropsychologist who did evaluation on my child?


les566 November 29, 2008

My child's neurolopsychological has just been completed.What is the next step i need to do to make sure her IEP team follow throughs the recommendations made on the evaluation?

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healthy11 November 29, 2008

Was the neuropsychological report done as part of an IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation) that the school paid for, or did you have the testing done privately, on your own? Unfortunately, if the neuropsych evaluation was done privately, the school only has to "consider" the results, but not necessarily agree with them or follow all of them. Having said that, however, YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE IEP TEAM, just like all the teachers and other individuals, so if you don't agree with what the school people propose, you need to express your opinions. Some parents have found that it's worth paying their private evaluators to attend IEP meetings with them, to explain results. If that's not possible, then would the neuropsych at least be available by phone conference, to explain things to the school team at the IEP meeting?
In any event, I'd like to invite you to join more of us parents of kids who have IEPs in the Learning and Attention Difficulties Group at


michellea November 30, 2008

As healthy pointed out, the school only has to "consider" the recommendations of an outside evaluation. Generally, schools will implement some, but not all.

I agree that the best bet is to pay for the evaluator to present the report at the team meeting. Sometimes the school will have rebuttals based on their own experience and perspective. The expert will have the credibility to overcome the school's concerns.

If it is not possbile to have the evaluator hoin you, I would look for a special ed advocate that is well versed in testing and educational "lingo" to help you make your presentation. He or she will also be able to help you craft a revised IEP with measurable goals, appropriate services etc.

If you do not achieve your goals at the meeting, you have the right to reject the IEP and move through the legal process. Generally this includes mediation, then due process hearing. If it gets to due process, it is highly recommended that you hire an attorney.

The evaluator may be able to help you find a good advocate.

Hope we see you at the Learning and Attention Group


les566 January 13, 2009

Thanks, healthy 11 for your response.I had my child's eval. done privately for several reasons, # 1, the school system is overloaded, it would have taken way too long to get, #2, the the schools eval. would not be as extensive. Yes, the Dr.(neuropsych.) is available to them, all they have to do is pick up phone and call. I do not have $75.00 per hr. to pay Dr. to attend meeting, that is what the Dr. charges.After paying for this eval. the cost is just not affordable. Now, I am setting up a Speech evaluation for my daughter that is very much needed and as you know very expensive!! The school now, after receiving letter and the long,through, eval. from neuropsych, has cancelled my child's IEP meeting. (go figure!) Currently in my child's IEP, she has 2 different eligibility's. The Speech/Language runs out this month. They were going to "forget" that eligibility, but I reminded them it runs out this month. I have a meeting just with the speech teacher today to sign paperwork to continue her weekly, (group) speech therapy at school. Since they cancelled the IEP meeting, I am in process of waiting for administrator to reschedule another meeting. I am TRYING to have another eligibility added to her IEP, which is VERY difficult!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


healthy11 January 13, 2009

If you post in the Learning and Attention Difficulties Group, I know there's a member, jdeekdee, also from GA, and she may know of some local resources/advocates who can help you...please do consider copy/pasting some of your story over there.


michellea January 13, 2009

I understand that paying for the evaluations is very expensive - and at some point parents must determine how much expert help and testimony they can afford and where best to invest their money - in your case an additional speech evaluation. We all must deal with trade-offs!

That said, your school cannot legally find a student ineligible or change their services without a team meeting and agreement from the entire team (including you). An IEP comes due for a new meeting - but it never "runs out". Until the team reconvenes and comes to agreement, the old IEP stays in force until the legal process is exhausted. This is called "stay put". School districts cannot just remove a child from an IEP or stop services.

The other thing to remember is that the eligibility category does not dictate services. Once a child has an IEP they are eligible services in all area of need. For instance, my child has a learning disability in reading. Yet, he has received OT services, instruction in organizational techniques and has a math goal - all in addition to services in the area of reading and writing.

I'd worry less about the eligibility category and more about illustrating and gaining agreement in the areas that your child needs help. My focus would be on getting goals in all areas of struggle.

Send a letter today to reschedule the meeting. Most states have regulations about the time lines that schools are given to reply to written requests. For instance, in my state, if a parent asks for an IEP meeting in writing, the school must schedule one within 10 school days. Go to your states department of education to find out if you have such protections.

Remember - do everything in writing and maintain a paper trail. This tells the school you mean business and is a strategy to command the respect you deserve.

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