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How could you Get passed to ist grade and don't even know your ABC'S


Anonymous December 5, 2008

My son has been in his school since kindergarten since the first day of school he entered with an iep but the school still put him in a generasl education classroom when i request a seond iep 4 months later still nothing when i went to board of ed they miraculousy had found a classroom for him in his school. he was passed to the first grade and still no improvement i again in october asked for a reevaluation for him finally in november i meet with IEP and where are back to square 1 I still waiting on placement What do i have to do?

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Jrivera2675 December 5, 2008

You have to be clear when speaking to your childs school personel get names, dates and copies of everything. then go in steps if the school can't help find an advocate for children with disabilities to help. A child like yours deserves a chance at a proper education.


dhfl143 December 6, 2008

I would like to welcome you to Great Schools and invite you to join and post the "Learning and Attention Difficulties" Group here at GS:

Did you make ALL of your requests in writing?

Here is a web site that might be useful to you down the road:

Here are several a web sites that might be helpful to your son:

Best Wishes.


odachimaster December 6, 2008

be in their face everyday day morning, day pick-up time every school board meeting, everything that is your legal right to do always with a firm and kind word
drive them with "be nice but be there every time"


healthy11 December 6, 2008

If you don't feel comfortable with knowing all the laws that protect your child, plus you've got a school that is already "being difficult," you might want think about hiring an advocate to help you. A good site to find special education adovcates and attorneys is
For your own knowledge, a good site to learn more about special education rights is


dhfl143 December 6, 2008

In line with what healthy11 recommends, I would like to suggest that you go to your local library and check out "From Emotions to Advocacy" by Pam and Pete Wright.

In addition, here is an excellent article:


DebDaiClifRob December 8, 2008

Get an advocate if you don't fight for your child no one else will.


vacekd1001 January 1, 2009

i do hot know what the standards are in your school. however in the chicago public schools system their are many first graders who do not know there ABC`s or even their last name. Kdg is not required and many students do not go to pre-school These are reg ed kids.

I don`t know what your district is like but it is possible not knowing your ABC`s does not seem like a problem to the school.

However your child did go to kdg. if he was not able to learn his ABC`s you need to fight for your child and get him the help he needs.

Also this may seem like a dumb question. Was your son taught his ABC`s in Kdg? stranger things have happened.


Jrivera2675 January 2, 2009

My son was taught his ABC's but my son has a learning disabilities that the school knew about since day 1. They have switched his classrooms from regular ed to collabarative team and it still has not work. the reason being is why was he passed when i requested him to be held back. and the teachers he has give homework that is way passed his abilities. there answers to my concerns are we have to wait for the iep team to find him placement.

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