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Gifted Daughter


santilliw December 10, 2008

My daughter is a St. Paul student who scores off the chart. However the school she is at is inner city and does not have the resources to accomidate her. She is socially under developed and tries to dumb herself down to fit in. I need to know what to do her behavior is terrible and her homework that is so simple for her is not being completed. I would love to know if any of you know of some great gifted schools that I can look into for next year!!! And maybe some tips on how to get her to focus. Thank you

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healthy11 December 10, 2008

How old is your daughter/what grade? Do you mean St. Paul, Minnesota, or elsewhere? I'm not from there, however I do have a highly gifted son, who also happens to have ADHD. In your daughter's case, I hesitate to assume an attention deficit, since it doesn't sound like she's been in an appropriate learning environment, although it really concerns me that you say she's immature and her behavior is terrible and she doesn't even do the simple homework. Most younger children try to please the adults around them... Have you mentioned your daughter's behaviors and your concerns to her pediatrician?

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BurnsJasmine January 2, 2009

Get her into a more challenging school. Maybe a school for the gifted. If the school offers tests were she can be skipped, make sure she wants to, get her taking those.

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