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vacekd1001 December 12, 2008

We are a white family who adopted an African American child.
Would going to a multi-cultural school be important? He is three years old and is in a multi-cultural school. However he usually does well when he is in a group that is predominately white. Am I putting too much emphasis on a multi-cultural school? Should I look for a quality school and color should not be the major consideration?

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healthy11 December 12, 2008

I have a friend who has adopted several African-American children, so perhaps her perspective is different because they have other non-whites in the family...when deciding where to send the kids for their education, she and her husband placed the high qualities of the school ahead of racial considerations. I would hope you would find that your child isn't the only person of color within a given school, but even if he was, you could ensure that he is still exposed to his rich African-American cultural heritage though other means. (For example, in addition to whatever other religious holidays you celebrate, you might tell him about Kwaanza, and visit with other families who have adopted children of different ethnicities.)


1seremen December 12, 2008

No! You are thinking and feeling are right. Many parents in all races think the same way and concern about every aspects of the life of their young children.

First, a great school that meet his needs. Second on the list, expose him frequently to people of all races (his race very important) and income in places like church, supermarket, afterschool program , and barbershop. I guess some of these places will be somehow a long drive from your home. YMCA and Walmart store are a great place to see all kind of people. Third, you may want take a course or a seminar on African American culture awareness.

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vacekd1001 December 21, 2008

healthy11 the kwaanza idea is a good one and maybe i will do that when he gets older. we celebrate Christmas and that is more than i want to do. however kwaanza may be a good idea especially if it does not involve shopping with crowds of people (lol).


vacekd1001 December 21, 2008

1seremen thanks for your response. i think the quality of the school is most important. and there are other ways to keep him in touch with his culture


kpce2004 January 7, 2009

As an mixed race adult from a multi-cultural family who was educated all over the world - I think it's more important to place your child in a school environment where he will get the best education. It might not include others who "look" like him, but he can have extra-curricular activities that are more "culturally" based, it that's the case.

For me personally, I find that economic diversity is more important than cultural diversity. Most of us have friends of different races, religions, etc. This is where they get "on the job" experience on our society and form their worldviews.


vacekd1001 January 8, 2009

thanks for posting. it is nice to hear from someone who has grown up in a nixed race family. you are lucky to have had world wide experiences.

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