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i would like to know if there are any studies or websites with information how much training a teacher should


sk8tergirl18 December 15, 2008

have to effectively teach the wilson meathod. also i would like to know if there is any info on class size. my son gets wilson and isn't making much progress. i believe that it is due to the teachers lack of training and the class size and i have an emergency iep meeting on wednesday.

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healthy11 December 15, 2008

I know we've recommended that you post in the Learning and Attention Difficulties Group before, because that's where more knowledgeable parents can be found, when it comes to remediation and special education programs.

If you've tried that, and didn't get a response, another good site for special ed questions is
(I believe the Wilson training question has been brought up there before. You might also try doing a "google search" on "Wilson training")


TeacherParent January 22, 2009

Wilson isn't a cure-all although the people who sell the program would like us to think it is. Wilson is quick to say that children must stick with the program for two years before you'll see improvement.... which has never made sense to me. If a program is effective, a child should start to feel that fairly soon after beginning it. Two years is a long time to be paying good money for no results.
All that said, Wilson has become very popular as an offered remediation in schools but my quiet opinion is that Wilson is the latest fad of the many fads that come around and tout themselves as a good way to help kids with reading issues.
No reading group intended for remediation should have more than 4 or 5 students in it - in my opinion - but schools pressed for time and money will sometimes have to put more in a remediation group than that.
As to how much training is needed to teach reading with Wilson Language, check out Wilson Language's website. For a fee, they'll send training materials to most anybody and anybody with interest I think can train to be a Wilson trainer. If Wilson doesn't work for your son, there are other ways and possibly better ways to help him with his reading.

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