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How can I help my 3rd grader who is struggling in a Spanish Partial Immersion program


loxy00 December 16, 2008

He is learning Math and Science in Spanish. It seems he is doing fine in Science, so I assume that language is not the issue. However, he is starting to become discouraged and wants out of the program. Any suggestions on how to motivate him and wonder what else I can do to help (as a non Spanish speaker..)

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atanacio December 16, 2008

Does he like to learn Spanish or not?
If yes, I am a native Spanish speaker with 2 kids.
Practice chatting, emailing, speaking via Skype...
I'd like to help him.


loxy00 December 17, 2008

Thanks for your response.

He is not too excited about learning Spanish. I am sure he would rather learn in English. However, as his parent, I know this is best for him.

How can you help?


atanacio December 17, 2008

Does He speak basic Spanish or almost nothing?.

To learn Spanish, he should be interested in meeting new Spanish speaker friends, places or something.

There is a free pc software named SKYPE this is to communicate any where in the world for free, just with a microphone and speakers.
You just download the software, install it, create a new member and start call a friends or family.

You can find the software in then follow up instructions.

Once you have created your UserID or his UserID add mine or my son to your contact list.

or email me at
to schedule a small chat "una pequeña platica".

Just let me know if have any problem or if you decide to tray it !

Si se puede! means "you can do it!"


loxy00 December 17, 2008

I believe my son knows more spanish than he would like to admit. In Kindergarten, he was fully immersed in the language (the teacher spoke no English at all).. In first grade through 3rd grade he has been learning Math and Science in Spanish. He understands quite well, but does not enjoy speaking it. I assume he is self conscious.

I will download skype and add both your username and your sons username to my contact list. Thanks for your help!


TeacherParent January 2, 2009

It is best for all of us to learn some Spanish - it's a very important language in our country as well as the world. But discouraged children usually don't learn well.... of course you can watch and see, things may turn around. Does the teacher know he's feeling discouraged? The teacher might be able to help in some way.
All that said, I personally find this kind of immersion program confusing - Spanish can be taught and well without needing to teach science and math in it. These kind of immersion programs don't work for every child. For those children who thrive in them, that's wonderful but not every child does. There are many ways to teach a language and many ways to learn a language. Learning a language through the instruction of science and math is but one way to teach the language and one way to learn it and it's not the way that works for every child.

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