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My son was diagnosed with PDDNOS, he keeps getting bullied in school, what can I do?


OLLYNE December 16, 2008

My son was diagnosed with PDDNOS, he keeps getting bullied in school, what can I do?

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healthy11 December 16, 2008

How old is your son/what grade? Have you spoken with his teacher? If he/she has not been responsive, it's time to write a letter to the principal, identifying what has happened, when, where, who is involved, etc. and indicate that your previous discussions with the teacher to resolve the bullying have not been successful. Do you feel it would be helpful if your child was moved to a different class? If so, you can request that in your letter as well.
Does your son have an IEP? Depending on his age, perhaps a goal can be added so the school's social worker can help him improve "social skills." I'd also like to invite you to join Greatschool's Learning and Attention Difficulties Group at where many other parents can "relate" to having children with special education needs.


laura1967 December 16, 2008

I do not know much about "AUTISM", but i can feel your pain as a mother. There is a "VERY ACTIVE GROUP" here that may be some help. If you "CLICK" on to GROUPS then MOST ACTIVE, It will be your first one "Learning and Attention Difficulties. I browsed through it, and it is "very active" and has many members. I am assuming you have went and complained to his Teachers and the Principle?


jtherou January 11, 2009

There is a book titled.... "Simon's Hook." It's about bullying and techniques your child can use to not give the bullies the power. Please go to this site.... This author comes out to my kids' school every year. She is wonderful and has a lot of kinda "self help" books for kids.

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