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How to choose a new school out of state?


Ianzmama December 29, 2008

My husband is being restationed in Oregon in April. My son and I have decided to finish up the school year here in El Cajon. We won't be in OR until June and I'm afraid registration will be over. Any advice on choosing a new school in another state?

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tjlove December 29, 2008

Have you already researched and decided on the schools that will best fit your son's and family's needs?
If not, you could start by using our Research and Compare feature to come up with a list of schools that interest you.

You can search for schools by city/state or zip.

Once you have a list of schools, contact the district office to find out about the enrollment process. If you can, schedule a visit to your new town to tour some of the schools or if possible, have your husband do the initial legwork since he'll already be there.

You can use the GreatSchools Library to look up resources on moving with kids and tips on school choice. Look under "Topics" on the left side of the page:

I hope this is enough to help you get started!


Ianzmama December 29, 2008

Thanks for the info. We're going up to Salem this week to check around and see where we want to live. It's really going to depend on that I'm sure. It just feels so overwhelming to pick a school that I've never seen.


bellenoir January 5, 2009

I received some very good advice with a similar question I had. VISIT THE SCHOOL! you dont want select a school based only on stats. Every school has its own culture. I know it is hard being out of town but even one visit is better than none.

Also, you can have some people scout out the school before you do. I hope that helps.


tobbyandlui January 5, 2009

I advise you, to first check the ratings of the schools and parents reviews and also go to check on the schools and ask other parents for advise, see which one fits your child needs.


ncusip January 8, 2009

Great Schools is a great resources. Choose only schools rating from 8 to 10, make a list and then go to the school website and find more info like extracurricular, teacher-student ratio, etc etc and compare. Call the school also to get info and "Feeling"...


Ianzmama January 9, 2009

Thanks everyone for your responses. We just had a wrench thrown in our plans and it looks like we'll be going with him in April. Suddenly this is too soon. I have no way of visiting any schools as I'm in San Diego. Heck we're not even sure where we'll be living yet.

Are there any Oregon moms out there? Preferably in the Salem area. I really need help.

Thanks again,


tobbyandlui January 9, 2009

I agreed with ncusip.

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