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Does ADHD and overly busy working parents go hand in hand?


Anonymous December 31, 2008

It seems to me that we are just trying to treat a medical condition when what our kids really need is time and more time. Working parents are just not able to spend the time with their children that some kids really need. What do you think?

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carvell04 January 2, 2009

I think to generalize that children with ADHD just need more quality time with mom and dad, is absurd. I know two families with children that have ADHD. In both cases, the mothers stay home and are some of the most attentive and loving mothers. They go out of there way, to make sure their children are cared for in the appropriate way. They are highly informed, regarding ADHD and spend a tremendous amount of one on one time with their children. Yes, I have met some families that care more about their careers than their children, but that has nothing to do with ADHD.


beachcomber January 6, 2009

Thank you for that!


Sunshineamith January 21, 2009

I have 2 boys with ADHD 1 is in K and the other is in 4th. When there father was alive it was very hard for me forI worked a full time job and alot of over time. So I never was home to decipline he did it all witch wasn't that often. Since I now have to the decipline my boys are great. I guess you can say it depends on if you let ADHD controll your life or grab it up and handle it. I beleave if you show dicipline and right fron wrong everthing will be fine yes parents can work if they have kids with ADHD.


monicaadkins January 21, 2009

Certainly there is no easy answers. Kids need to be guided, taught and disciplined. Is there any research that shows that kids left to watching movies, playing on the computer or playing video games have higher incidents of characteristics that could be on the list of symptoms of AD/HD? Diet too. I think more exercise would really help a lot of kids with AD/HD. Just getting outside to play like most kids did 30 years ago seems to go along way. I think some parents that are too busy often let kids veg out to video, movies and computers, and this may have related points. And rushing around to such structured time commitments can't help either.

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