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Which grade will my daughter go into?


franki January 5, 2009

My daughter will be 10 and will have completed year 5 in England when we move to the US later this year, will she go into 5th or 6th grade?

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healthy11 January 5, 2009

Are you thinking of having her attend a public or a private school? The chances are she would go into 6th grade, although there are some schools that might give her a proficiency test to make sure she is placed properly. If you know where you will be moving to, you might want to do a "google search" for that state's name plus "Board of Education curriculum standards" which should tell you what they expect students to know at different grade levels. You could also contact the local school district in your new community, and ask them directly.


franki January 6, 2009

Thanks for the reply. I have found the curriculum standards and it will be very helpful.

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