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Whitesville, Berkely Middle and High information


tracyh January 6, 2009

Does anyone have any recent information on Whitesville, Berkely Middle and High schools? We are new to that area of Charleston any comments would be helpful.

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wattsnest January 6, 2009

I went to Bekeley Middle School forever ago! We moved from Chicago suburbs to Monks Corner. Honestly, it was a HUGE shock to me, everything was so slow, even a grade-level or more behind. My brother is currently in school in Summerville and is not even close to what my own children are doing here in suburban Chicago. I visited BMS a couple years ago and nothing has changed, it is still a rural district. It picks up the kids from all around the county, many of them were kind of going through the motions to finish school and join the military or go into the family trade. I can't begin to tell you how glad I was that I didn't go to HS in South Carolina.

I don't know what the education is like now, but from my step-mom, she's frustrated and my brother isn't doing well. I would look at Goose Creek schools, some friends of mine rave about the schools and communities there. When we first moved south, I went to College Park which was a much better school 25 years ago. I believe it still has a better repuation.

There has been a lot of building in the area and a lot of different types have moved in, so it may be that the place is totally different than my experience. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time at BMS, made some great friends but I was not prepared to attend a northern high school.

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