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How does Vineland Elementary help children with learning Disabilities IEP's relocating from MA?


lisasmith January 7, 2009

I want my son with dyslexia and auditory processing disorder to continue to learn. Will he receive the help and special assistance he needs there? Are special ed students given the help they need and also able to mingle and socialize with the other students also so they do not feel singled out?

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healthy11 January 7, 2009

Hi. Unfortunately, you've posted your questions on a nationwide forum, not on a specific school's website. If I were you, I'd try to phone the school you're interested in, and ask directly. Just so you know, many schools don't use the term "dyslexia" but will acknowledge "Reading Disorder" instead...My own son has dyslexia, and I've learned that it's best to use formal terms when talking to schools.
For general info/support from other parents of kids with special ed issues, I'd also like to invite you to join Greatschools Learning and Attention Disabilities Group at

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