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Can someone tell me more about these charter schools and how I can register my children for them?


RNMomma January 8, 2009

My family & I are relocating from Baltimore, MD and we have been very spoiled so far with our children's education. I have one child in K and another in 3rd grade. The 3rd grader started at the school the first year it opened and it is a phenomenal public school with test scores through the roof and a lot of family involvement. I have not been pleased with what I have heard so far about Durham Public Schools. I am not really familiar with charter schools or how they operate. Unfortunately, my husband and I are not in a position to enroll the kids in private school at this time. Does anyone have some positive info. for me or do we need to rethink this location?

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healthy11 January 8, 2009

I'm not from NC, but if you go to the box in the upper right corner of this page, where it says "Search by Keyword" and enter "Charter" you'll find past articles and discussions, such as this:

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