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Seeking recommendations of FL coastal towns with Excellent Schools: Elem/Midd & High -for a great family life.


momof3lpj January 15, 2009

My husband & I are looking to relocate our family (with 3 children: 12,7,2) from NJ to a coastal Florida Town, but want to make sure 1st that schools are excellent and that it is a family/child friendly place. Any suggestions?
Thank you!!

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dhfl143 January 16, 2009

Florida is a huge state with much of it being coastal. I think it would helpful if you could narrow the possibilities to a specific geographical area, which would help users to provide more specific feedback.

Within most school districts there are good performing schools that are family/child friendly. So if you could narrow it down to a specific area -- others can offer practical suggestions to better direct you in your decision making process.


momof3lpj January 18, 2009

Ideally, we would like to be within 1-2 hour drive from Miami, as I have a lot of family there. My husband also has family in West Palm & Naples.
We don't want to be isolated from our family, if we don't have to be.
We wouldn't want to be in Miami. We prefer a suburb rather than a city and really love the feel of Vero Beach.
I hope this helps in narrowing it down.
Thank you!


dhfl143 January 18, 2009

Here is a start:

Here is another similar site for comparison:


momof3lpj January 22, 2009

Great, thank you!

We are going down to FL on business in Feb and will be taking an extra 4-5 days to drive around different areas.

Thank you all, for your insight!

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