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Is Waddell really that horrible?


mygirlsmom January 20, 2009

Is Waddell really that horrible?

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laura1967 January 20, 2009

Hi, and welcome to great schools. If you go to the top of the page and click on "Research & Compare," you can fill in the information needed, (adress, zip code. ect..) and see is you can find "parents opions." Hope this helps. Thanks, laura


mygirlsmom January 21, 2009

Thanks Laura, I've read the parents' opinions as well as compared with other schools. I was hoping for someone's real opinion as some of the ones here can be construed as "sour grapes".

Thank you for your input.


mygirlsmom January 30, 2009

I've managed to answer my own question. I called the school today to set up a tour and was told they don't do tours but to jut come in during 'Round up ' in March & look around then. A phone call to the school district's office indicated to me that ALL schools should allow parents, or prospective parents to have a tour of the school but admitted that each principal sets the standard for their school. I can tell you that we will NOT choose Waddell based upon this. A friend who falls into the Eagle Ridge area called to set up a tour there & was greeted with open arms---had a wonderful tour of the entire school, met with the principal, was able to sit in with 2 of the K teachers (there are 5 & she was considering 2) & was told if she wanted to come back for another tour to please do so at her convenience.

Quite the difference between the 2 schools!


tjlove January 30, 2009

Hey Mygirlsmom,

It's true that talking to other parents can help persuade your decision, but it is always best to find out for yourself, and it sounds like you did! I hope your child/ren are happy at their new school!

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