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I'm looking for summer courses which combine academic and other activities such as sport, art, music.


Kaykaykay January 20, 2009

I live nearby stone maple terrace, centreville. And I 'll have niece and nephews coming from abroad to take summer courese too, they are at 1st , and 3rd grade.

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healthy11 January 20, 2009

Unfortunately, Greatschools is a nationwide forum, and the chance of finding another family from stone maple terrace, centreville who has children of similar age is slim. I would start by contacting your local YMCA or Park District and see if they have classes, or look through your local Yellow Pages to see if any art or music studios are in the area, then call and ask if they hold any special summer camps. You probably will not be able to find a single place that offers everything you want, in terms of academics and sports and fine arts.


Kaykaykay January 21, 2009

Thank you

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