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Does anyone have experience using Singapore Math for their kids? If so what do you think?


rfmonkey January 24, 2009

Would it be to difficult for a child who will be going into the third grade to grasp ,after being taught standard math rules?

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healthy11 January 25, 2009

From comments I've seen, most people who use it, like it, especially if math isn't a subject that comes easily to their children. Here's a recent discussion about it:

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foodie1 January 25, 2009

Traditional math, okay; investigations math, avoid at all cost; Singapore math highly rated by professionals in math, engineering and science. Go to, you can read reviews of teaching methods. Singapore was recommended to me by a math professor at Western Michigan University, who did not find the public school offering solid enough for his sons. I used Singapore to counteract the math taught to my child in school. It is a different approach, but it is logical, provides enough practice and shows clearly how the work should be done. I highly recommend it.

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