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Do children in Ohio need to be potty trained before entering Kindergarten?


tishadodd February 18, 2009

I am a Kindergarten Teacher and we have a growing problem of students not being potty trained before coming to us. Our administration doesn't seem to be concerned, but we are. It is taking ton of teaching time away to handle these bathroom issues

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lockmama February 18, 2009

Regardless of whether or not a school will accept a student who is not potty trained, do you think it is a good idea to send your student to school knowing the unbearable teasing they will have to endure not being potty trained?


trooper February 18, 2009

Although some children are potty trained, an occasional accident does happen. Usually, children are sent to the school nurse when this type of accident happens. It is common practice for children to keep a change a clothing in their cubby. It sounds like you need to check with your administrator to get the official answer.
Good Luck!


wellenbrinkd August 10, 2012

I started potty training my son when he was 2, he is now 4 1/2. He was doing well, but now he is just so dam stubborn, and only goes when he feels like. We've gotten to the point where we wont give him anything to drink unless he goes first. It works sometimes. He knows how to go and knows when he has to go, I just don't understand why he refuses. Also, he's in Headstart. HELP!! Any advice please??

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