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bawnjr May 16, 2008

What do I need to do to get my son ready for kindergarten?

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MagnetMom May 17, 2008

hi bawnjr,

There are some great articles in the Great Schools library regarding kindergarten readiness including:

Kindergarten: ready or not?

Getting Ready for Kindergarten


chelleyrock June 23, 2008

At my son's school they want the children to be able to write their first and last name, be able to button, tie, snap, and zip, they also want them to know their address and phone number. My son's teacher sent a letter home a few weeks ago outlining the things she would like them to work on this summer. I also visited his school's website to find out the kind of things I need to work on with him. I'll have to admit it is a lot of work for this summer but it's really worth the effort.


Kennysmom July 1, 2008

I'm a kinder teacher & this is my wish list for all my kids when they start school:

1) Can sit still doing a quiet activity for 5 minutes, even when not 100% interested in it.
2) Can tie there own shoes.
3) Can write there own name & recognize their own name.
4) Knows at least 13 capitals & 13 lower case letters (half the alphabet)
5) Can follow directions.
6) Knows the colors red, blue, green, yellow, orange at least
7) Knows shapes triangle, circle, square, rectangle at least
8) Has an established habit of being read to each night.


mommyt08 July 23, 2008

Hi, I was looking for the same thing. I found this list on line.
Kindergarten Supply List

All Kindergartners

1 box of 8 Crayola brand markers

1 box of 24 crayons (2boxes for full day-every day program)

1 pkg. regular size #2 pencils with erasers - sharpened

2 large glue sticks - please no small sticks

1 - 4 oz. bottle of Elmer's glue

1 pair Fiskars brand scissors with metal blades - please no plastic b lades

1 clear plastic folder with bottom pockets - please no side pockets or paper folders

2 large boxes of 80 unscented wet wipes - the kind used for changing diapers

(4 boxes for full day-everyday program)

1 box gallon size zip-lock freezer bags with writing strip (not plastic slide zip closure style)

1box of Kleenex

Girls Only

1 large package of napkins

Boys Only

1 box of colored pencils

Hope it's helpful.


Kennysmom July 24, 2008

I also ask for:

hand sanitizer
paper towels
a snack to be sent once per month
cotton balls
watercolor paints

I don't usually request that parents send markers or colored pencils but some teachers may. As with anything check with your child's school about what the teacher needs


Kennysmom July 27, 2008

He also needs to be able to delay self gratification. Research tells us that students that can do this do better in school.


kiyaaabarnes July 28, 2008

I'm very excited about my daughter being in kindergarten in Aug. I worry about her not being able to keep up with the others, or her making friends; I guess we'll see in Aug. My friends say I shouldn't't worry because everything will be fine, but I cant help but worry she my baby girl and I only want the best for her.


salamanderfluf July 31, 2008

Great advise. Number 2 I wouldn't count on with all those modern shoes now-a-days. Elsewise, I think by reading this my kid is ready for Kindergarten.


alwaysjustdck August 4, 2008

For kindergarten, my child had to know, primary colors, shapes, parent's names, address, phone number, how to tie, zip, snap, button, table manners, restroom manners, count to 20 and say alphabet.


momof05 October 27, 2008

my son will be attending next year. everyday we take a half hour and go over the alphabet as well as writing them. We aslo read alot. He also attends a preschool for three days a week for half days

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