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karajon December 24, 2008

I am a teacher and a mom.  The most profound experience with teaching children about giving is my experience with Donor's Choose.  I love writing and I use examples from my own life when teaching writing.  The students love to read what I write and learn that one can do things with their writing. 

Last year, my students went on a writing campaign to request people to donate to our class so that we can get some books that we desperately needed for our reading program.  Unfortuntely, we did not get as much as a letter saying their sorry that they couldn't donate. 

I learned about Donor's Choose from a friend that is a teacher.  I decided to request the books from Donor's Choose.  In a short amount of time, we found out that we were funded!  Yeah! 

The students learned that you don't have to know the person to give to them.  They are delighted in the spirit of giving.  They have been looking for ways to give to others.

If this was not enough, we have been surprised that my class has been blessed with another set of books from an unknown donor.

Donor's Choose is a blessing to the teachers that are funded.  We appreciate you connecting teachers with donors.

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radarsmom January 22, 2009

I was given a gift card from use at Donor'sChoose. I was so pleased to find a school where my Dad had been the superintendent for years. I had taught summer school there when I was in college (many moon's ago) so it was like going home again. What a great way to spread the wealth around to those who can really use it. (there's no "wonder where the bailout went" here.) I know the money will be used for the best possible use.

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