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feels shut out


Candymae December 27, 2008

I envy you that you, at least, get to see your grandchild.  I would tell them that teachers complain about their kids parents and grandparents not taking an interest in their school functions.   They should be happy that you want to do something at all.  Cutting you out is not acceptable for you or the kids well-being. 

I only say this because I have also, been cut-out of my little grandchilds life.   My daughter passed away five years ago from an asthma attack and her little girl was only three at the time.  Now, she is 8 yrs old and I have not been allowed to see her or talk to her over the phone because her grandfather who I divorced over 20 years ago, is her guardian and is alienating her from my side of the family.  I send her gifts and was able to wish her Happy Birthday over the phone at her school one day til her Papa found out and put a stop to it at her Elementary School.  I don't know how she is doing in school or if she even remembers her Grandma.   There should be a law against keeping children from communicating with their grandparents...

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beachcomber January 1, 2009

Check with your state laws. My Aunt went through the same thing with her grandchild who lived in New Hampshire, her son and his wife divorced, the mother of the grandchild moved to Florida and then secretly moved to the mid west somewhere. My Aunt called every municipality in Florida until she got someone to give her a forwarding address. They had moved to Colorado. My Aunt checked into the laws, there is a law in place about grandparent rights. Good Luck!


beachcomber January 1, 2009

p.s. My aunt now has a wonderful relationship with her granddaughter!


maggie93215 January 8, 2009

Have you ever thought about going to court and getting visitation. I feel so bad when I hear stroies of kids not being able to have that special relationship with the grandparents. As a girls growing up I was raised with my/by my grandmother up until I was about 9yrs old then my father remarried and well my grandmother and I still had a special relationship. She cared for me and when she got up there in age it was my turn My aunt, cousin, and I took turns caring for her. I wounld'nt change a thing.


svick27862 January 20, 2009

i feel your concern,i had my grandson since my daughter had him and then she was killed in a car wreckmy daughter was 19 my grandson 2 and a haly,the father come in and took my grandson.i had to pay 1,000.00 to get visitation right but at their wishes even though it was suppose to be every other weekend not.then he got on drugs and dragging my grandson from place to place then he came to stay with me i was so happy i put him in pre-school that yr.then one day the father called and said he was in jail and wanted me to take him back to his parents,well i did not i got a lawyer and fought for him for5,000.00 and won now he is 8 and doing well we live alone and are very very happy but i prayed all the time and god made away ,bless hyim always

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