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TRUTH OF THE Junior National Young Leaders Conference


JasonR March 2, 2009

BOTTOM LINE:  A VERY PROFITABLE BUSINESS VENTURE FOR THE FOUNDERS:  I checked out the non-profit tax returns on this organization (Form 990) to see how legit they are.  I have experience running non-profits, so knew a bit what to look for.  If you read the tax form carefully, what you find out is this:

The non-profit corp of Congressional Youth Leadership Council, which runs the National Youth Leadership Forum as well as the Junior Nat'l Young Leaders Conference was started by the team of Richard Rossi and Barbara Harris who also started (in the same year) a for-profit corp called Envision EMI, LLC.  It just so happens that Envision has the exclusive contract with CYLC to run all their programs.   On the 2006 tax form, the compensation paid to Envision by CYLC exceeded 18 MILLION dollars (from a total revenue of CYLC of over $56 million).

As it stated on the CYLC tax form, "all full-time staff working on the account of CYLC are employees of Envision. CYLC pays Envision for payroll and related costs as well as management and marketing fees."

To me, that arrangement makes it clear that this program continues to be run for the purposes of profit to the founders and current operators.  I'd be very curious about the founders' relationships with the board members of the non-profit entity.

To review the Form 990 -- see   Also see


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Debbieflorida June 1, 2010

My daughter attended the DC and Boston conferences. We are sending her back to the Florida State conference. She had a great time, came home full of information and ideas, was exposed to skills that she needs to develop, and was able to talk about history and leadership skills. The first year, we had her teach a four week Sunday School course on leadership skills, and she did a great job. She used the skills in Girl Scouts, school and church. She gets a chance to be away from us and her teachers, but with adequate supervision. They also work HARD. This is not a play around camp, but a strong academic and skills based conference. I have reviewed their materials and have been quite impressed each year. I look them over when planning Girl Scout sessions.

Yes, it is costly, but while we can pay for it, I think we are getting something neither I nor her community can provide her.


IOWEGIAN3 October 21, 2010


Luckily for my daughter, we are:


dawnsimon February 29, 2012

Basic Organization Information

Physical Address: Rockville, MD 20850 EIN: 52-1389316 Web URL: NTEE Category: O Youth Development O50 (Youth Development Programs) Year Founded: 1985 Ruling Year: 1985 Login or register to see this organization's full address, contact information, and more!

I have posted this information so that those of you who need the EIN number to try and deduct child care costs can do so. Our daughter received the "Nomination Packet" and after talking with a family that participated the year before we opted NOT to take part in this.


pnkrkgrrl February 26, 2013

If anyone is looking for proof positive that this is definitely a scam, I've got it. Today my 16 yr old son received the congratulatory packet in the mail, telling him what an honour it is to be chosen for his academic & leadership achievements. Unfortunately, despite being a very intelligent child, my son has had a very rough year & is currently at risk of failing the 10th grade. And his freshman year was a bit of a struggle too. So, unless they're basing this "nomination" on his performance in middle school (which was 2 years ago now), they are completely full of crap!

I love my son & know the sort of academic achievement he IS capable of & might even be taken in by this, if he were living up to potential right now, but that is not the case.


2teach2 February 6, 2014

TEACHERS need to be made aware of this scam. They are the ones that the company targets to invite our children. Envision sends them all kinds of materials to convince them that this is a great opportunity and an honor - Teachers BEWARE! Don't let them use you to sell their product!


user5449358 February 13, 2014

Do not go to NYLC.

I attended this program in the spring of 2006, and unfortunately I have to say that it was a waste of time and money. (It also caused a significant setback in my schoolwork upon returning home.) They may have changed, but this is what I experienced...

I went to NYLC under the assumption that I was nominated by one of my teachers. The sure do play it up to be an honor. I thought it would look great on a college application and that I would learn something valuable, but that wasn't the case.

The thousand or so dollars we spent for my "tuition" at NYLC was poorly returned in what I got out of the program.

The worst experience was what should have been the most rewarding: meeting with our state representatives. The NYCL program supposedly made arrangements for another student and I to meet with one of the personnel at Arlen Specter's office.

The man we were supposed to meet brushed us aside, and we spent the next half hour speaking with a sympathetic secretary before leaving.

To any student thinking about joining this program, I seriously think you would do well to avoid NYLC. It's expensive, it's quite possibly a scam, and colleges don't really look at it with much enthusiasm.

If you chose to go in order to better yourself and to learn more about our government, you will very likely be one in a bunch of other students who don't care about learning. My roommates were three girls who thought we were there to party, bringing random guys in our room, and only one person I talked to had read the documents we were given.

To any parents reading this, NYLC will not tell you that your student will, at times, be left to wander the DC area unsupervised. Our "teachers" trusted us to get to meetings on our own, but some of the other students ditched and wandered off in search of something fun to do. That's not only unsafe, but it's a waste of your money.

I've been to DC before with my family, and I had more time to enjoy and learn about the monuments with them than I did with NYLC. It was a "look and go" experience--they packed our schedules so tightly that we had to be hustled through these sites. We walked halfway to the Lincoln Memorial before our leader told us we had to turn around to make it back in time for the bus.

The bottom line is that, unfortunately, this program just isn't worth it. I think students should invest more time in a long-term (and more impressive) learning experience to add to their college applications.

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